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Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Marion moved to Peoria, Illinois when she was 13 years old. She attended Peoria Central High School.

Biography: Blumenthal Lazan is an author and Holocaust survivor. Her story is featured in the documentary Marionís Triumph - a made for TV movie. Lazan, who lives in New York and went to high school in Peoria, Illinois after coming to the United States, began speaking publicly about her Holocaust experiences in 1979.


Primary Literary Genre(s): History

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Selected Titles

Four perfect pebbles :
ISBN: 068814294X OCLC: 32166304

Greenwillow Books, New York : ©1996.

Marion Blumenthal Lazan's memoir of the devastating years that shaped her childhood.

Four perfect pebbles :
ISBN: 9780062475749 OCLC: 934806820

Greenwillow Books, New York : 2016.

If she could find four perfect pebbles of almost exactly the same size and shape, it meant that her family would remain whole. Mama and papa and she and Albert would survive Bergen-Belsen. The four of them might even survive the Nazis' attempt to destroy every last Jew in Europe.