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Joel Shoemaker

Born: In Mahomet, Illinois
Connection to Illinois: Shoemaker was born in Mahomet and now resides in Morton.

Biography: Joel Shoemaker is a librarian, magician, and author.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

bacon grief

Independently published 2021

Charlie, a musical-theatre nerd with deep appreciation for sprinkle-topped ice creams and other snack foods, is active in his church and comes from a family who loves and appreciates him for exactly who he is, purple pants and all. Tim, a lover of crinkle-cut pickles, black olives and other forgivably-disgusting crudités, belongs to a conservative Christian pastor and devout mother who move to the rural town to staff a small church that, predictably, holds little place for Tim. After meeting online and given the green light to attend a youth group at another church, Tim and Charlie become fast friends with more and more in common. When they consider more than friendship, Tim is faced with his reality and the choice to reconcile faith and sexuality or walk away from it all.

Silas on Sundays
ISBN: 1957833130 OCLC:

Wildling Press 2024

At home, Silas can use their imagination to be whoever they want to be. On Monday, Silas is a quarterback, scoring the winning touchdown. On Tuesday, Silas is an astronaut, discovering a new star. On Wednesday, Silas is a famous actor, winning an award on TV. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Silas can be a builder, a ballerina, or a baker! Silas can be whoever they want to be. But not on Sundays. On Sundays, Silas has to go to church, where they have to sit still and wear uncomfortable clothes, and Silas doesn't like that. Silas wishes they could be whoever they want to be on Sundays too. So Silas comes up with a plan to stay home on Sunday. But will it work? When Silas goes to church on Sundays, they have to sit still and dress a certain way, which makes Silas feel less like themself. But, like people, not every church is made the same. Join Silas as they find their place, even on Sundays.

Teeth & Crumpets: A Florilegium

Independently published 2023

Florilegium: "a collection of literary extracts; an anthology." There are twenty-eight teeth in the adult human mouth, absent wisdom teeth. In this collection, there are twenty-eight stories. Similarly, absent any wisdom. All, at least vaguely, toothy.