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Logan Karlie

Connection to Illinois: Karlie is an English teacher in Byron.

Biography: Logan Karlie writes fantasy books sprinkled with horror, romance, and villain redemption arcs. Her worlds (both real and imagined) are largely fueled by coffee, unforgettable dreams, and Spotify (plus the occasional antique store find).


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers


Selected Titles

Dream by the Shadows (Shadow Weaver Duology)

Independently Published 2023

In the Kingdom of Noctis, dreams are deadly and darkness reigns. For nineteen-year-old Esmer Havenfall, life is nothing but a series of loss and misfortune at the hands of the wicked Shadow Bringer, a cruel creature who haunts dreams and corrupts souls: 1) Her sister is dead. 2) Her future is bleak and without prospects. 3) Her village is tormented by demons that prey on dreams — and so is she. To make matters worse, Esmer is unexpectedly accused of betraying her kingdom and promptly banished to the Shadow Bringer's monster-infested castle. While there, Esmer must face both her inner darkness and the villain she hates to ensure her own survival. Even more vexing is the fact that his powers speak to something within her — and she can wield them, too. But as her initial hatred for the Shadow Bringer melts into something more passionate, drawing her closer to truths she never thought possible, Esmer realizes they might be the only ones left who stand a chance at conquering the evil plaguing their kingdom. Unfortunately, time is running out — even as they traverse a precarious dreamscape and outwit the demons that haunt it, rushing to unravel a centuries-old curse, more dreamers are falling prey to corruption and dying. If they succeed, Esmer and the Shadow Bringer will rewrite history and forge a new future for their kingdom. But if they fail, they'll be lost to the Dream Realm forever. Be careful what you dream of . . .