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Lee LoBue

Connection to Illinois: LoBue lives in Carlinville.

Biography: Lee LoBue started writing out of his passion for storytelling and as a way to put his imagination into words. Growing up in rural Illinois, he often found himself in the outdoors exploring nature and letting the surroundings come to life around him (which continues today). His work as a writer has primarily focused on children's stories often with quirky characters, animals, lessons to learn, and fun to be had. As a proud parent himself, Lee uses his experiences as a girl dad to make his stories more engaging and relatable to kids and parents alike. ​


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Hungry Dinosaur and the Bad Case of Tummy GROWLs!
ISBN: 1737154439 OCLC:

Self Published 2023

Author Lee LoBue's second book in his dino series tackles a new problem often faced by children (and dinosaurs) ... the tummy GROWLs! Just like bedtime can be a struggle, so can remembering to eat enough to have a full tummy. Being a dinosaur is always an adventure, but sometimes having so much fun means forgetting to eat. Join Hungry Dinosaur as she navigates her day and faces a big problem ... a bad case of the tummy GROWLs! As the GROWLs worry the other kids, Hungry Dinosaur needs to find a way to fill her rumbling tummy. But what will she eat? A fun story to enjoy before a nap, bedtime, or anytime! The book is written in a style to accommodate early learners to listen, interact, and read on their own.

Sleepy Dinosaur and the Bad Case of the Bedtime ROARS!
ISBN: 9781737154402 OCLC:

Self Published 2021

It's bedtime for Sleepy Dinosaur, but each time she yawns, she lets out a big roar, keeping everyone awake. She must find a way to fall asleep. -- Adapted from back cover.