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Michol M Whitney

Born: Chicago, IL
Connection to Illinois: Whitney was born in Chicago and currently lives in Oak Park.

Biography: Michol Whitney is the founding visionary of Write 2 Read Right. With over 20 years in teaching, Michol's career spans across teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, leading educational teams, and managing child development centers. In addition to teaching, she has chaired a community board and is a member of an empowering organization for working families.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children; Young adult readers


Selected Titles

A Thanks Big Enough: Nova Gives Thanks to Essential Workers
ISBN: 1736400568 OCLC:

Michol Whitney (January 15, 2022) 2022

Go Away, Cor-No-No!: Bye-Bye, Bully Virus!
ISBN: 1736400509 OCLC:

Michol Whitney (February 26, 2021) 2021

I Did It In 2020!
ISBN: 1736400541 OCLC:

Michol Whitney (September 20, 2021) 2021

Love Has No Skin Tone: A Lesson About Social Justice
ISBN: 1736400533 OCLC:

Michol Whitney (May 7, 2021) 2021

In May of 2020, Nova is excited to go grocery shopping with her family. Little did she know, due to civil unrest, rioters damaged the stores where she usually shops. Her family drives to a store in a beautiful neighborhood far from where they live. As they arrive at the grocery store, the family is confronted by an angry man who does not want them there. The man's despicable behavior traumatizes Nova, and she wants to go back to her neighborhood. This racist experience allowed Nova's parents to help her recognize and confront racism. Her parents have an open and honest discussion with her about diversity, inclusivity, and discrimination. Nova learns that love has no skin tone and that it is better to treat everyone with kindness and respect. --Publisher's descrption.