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Terri Reid

Pen Name:

Connection to Illinois: Reid lives in Northwest Illinois.

Biography: Terri Reid has been telling ghosts stories since she was a toddler. Her mother tells of a time when two-year old Terri would sit in her highchair, look past her mother into the dark back porch and say, Look. Man. When her mother would turn in horror, Terri would laugh delightedly.

Terri lives in the same area of the United States as her Mary OReilly character, Northwest Illinois. She lives on five acres of rolling land in a 100 year-old farmhouse, with her husband, children, dogs, cats and several dozen chickens (well, the chickens live in the barn.)

Her background is in marketing and public relations, but she has always enjoyed telling stories. For a while, she worked as a freelance journalist for the local paper and wrote the Halloween feature for many years, collecting as many local ghost stories as she could. She gave her collection of local ghost stories to the local historical society to use as a fundraiser, they are now in their third printing.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Agnes' Answer: The Willoughby Witches

independently published [Place of publication not identified] : 2020

Over one hundred years ago, a group of witches, escaping a second wave of Witch Trials made their way from New England to Whitewater, Wisconsin, known as Second Salem. Others, seeking knowledge in spiritualism and the occult, also made their way to the city and, through their ignorance, unleashed an evil entity poised to destroy the city. Three sisters, the Willoughby Witches, created an incantation strong enough to ensnare the demon. But magic requires payment, and so the sisters sacrificed themselves to keep their city and their family safe. Now, 120 years later, the incantation is at its end, and the demon grows stronger every day. Three sisters, three witches, know that now is the time for them to step up and face the creature their ancestors faced and sacrifice whatever they need in order to keep Whitewater safe. Now that Agnes Willoughby has been reunited with her one true love, will she have to sacrifice that love and even her life in order to save her daughters? Will the shadows from the past, dim the promise of the future? As they face the demon of Samhain, what additional sacrifices will be required of the Willoughbys?

BlowOut: A Shear Disaster Mystery

Independently Published 2020

A cosmetologist - L.J. Carter (Louella Jo for the folks who knew her when she was growing up) returns to her hometown of Julep, Mississippi for her mother’s funeral. After flying out of JFK and arriving at the Biloxi Airport, she is greeted by a woman who not only knew her mother but has some disturbing information to share with L.J. about her mother’s death. A card file – Like any good stylist, Jeannette Carter kept all of the important information about her customers on index cards, filed in an old, metal card file. But Jeannette didn’t just keep the latest hairstyles and coloring information, she also kept bits of gossip and information her customers told her. It was innocent enough – she just wanted to be sure she remembered what they told her when they were together. But after a customer is murdered, the innocent card file could be the motive for another death. Bless Your Heart – welcome to Julep, Mississippi, right on the Gulf Coast. Where neighbors have known each other for generations. Where the local hair salon has more information about what’s going on in town than either the local paper or the local sheriff’s department. The owner of the bakery knows you by name. The minister of the biggest church in town has more clout than the mayor. And people say “Bless Your Heart” for all kinds of reasons, the least of which is when they’re ready to insult you.

Breakaway - A Mary O'Reilly Lost Files Book

Independently Published 2020

At the end of Darkness Exposed (Book 5), Mary O'Reilly was in a coma. Did you ever wonder where she went while she was in that coma? Of course, she had another adventure.

Catalpa's Curse: The Willoughby Witches
ISBN: 1079268944 OCLC: 1114335319

Independently Publlished [United States] : 2019

Donovan Farrington has joined the league of the demon known as the Master. Catalpa Willoughby thought that Donovan was her one true love, but with him joining the Master she is confused. She and her sisters must find a soul mate in order to fight the demon, Catalpa thought it would be Donovan but now she's not sure, her soul mate could be the new stranger in town, Finias Bailey.

Clear Expectations - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
ISBN: 1981285385 OCLC: 1017475134

CreateSpace [Place of publication not identified] : 2017

Mary and Bradley help solve the mystery that is keeping the ghosts of thirteen children stranded in an unused section of the hospital. And, with Mikey arrival imminent, they prepare for other changes in the Alden household.

Darkness Exposed: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Five
ISBN: 1490367233 OCLC: 854585177

CreateSpace [United States] : 2013

The time has finally come for Mary to investigate Jeannine's murder. As all clues point to someone in Bradley's old neighborhood, Mary and Ian move into the former Alden residence and pose as newlyweds to set Mary up as bait for the killer. With Stanley and Rosie at their side, they expose the darkness hidden in the depths of Bradley's old neighborhood. -- back cover.

Deadly Circumstances - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
ISBN: 1522874925 OCLC: 941236309

CreateSpace [United States] : 2015

The bedroom door flew open with a powerful crash. What the ...? Mary exclaimed. Mike nodded. Yeah, well see, that's the problem, he said with a sigh. You brought someone home with you tonight. What? And it looks like she's not real happy about your relationship with Bradley, he said. I have a jealous ghost in my house? Mary asked, astonished. Mike shook his head apologetically. No, sweetheart, he said. You have a jealous poltergeist in your home. As if on cue, the drawers in Mary's dresser opened, and her clothing started flying across the room. Mary turned back to Mike. Really? she asked. Like I need this now? She walked into the center of her bedroom and immediately was hit in the face by a pair of her own underwear. And this time she was sure of it. She heard a giggle, and then suddenly the entire room was filling with swirling clothing. Bradley came running into the room and the ruckus ended. What happened? he asked. I think I just met one of your former girlfriends, Mary said, pulling a pair of underwear from out of her neckline. And I don't think she was very happy to meet me--

Delayed Departures - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
ISBN: 1539810119 OCLC: 979993978

CreateSpace [United States] : 2016

Mary O'Reilly has absolutely no plans to meet with anyone on Black Friday as she sets up her office for the annual Christmas Walk that is to be held the following weekend in downtown Freeport. So, nearly eight months pregnant, she dresses for comfort--sweats, thick socks and a flannel shirt. Imagine her surprise when someone barges into her office and announces they're filming her for a guest spot on their cable television show, Ghost Discoverers. She's about to turn the cameraman down in no uncertain terms when a ghost appears behind him and seems to be connected with him. Forced to agree to work with the paranormal research team, Mary and the rest of her group get pulled into a startling case of attempted murder, espionage and mayhem--all at a paranormal investigation conference.--

Final Call: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Four
ISBN: 1489594833 OCLC: 852976277

[Terri Reid], [United States] : [2013, ©2011]

Faye McMullen was murdered in cold blood at Winneshiek Theater and Mary O'Reilly and Police Chief Bradley Alden have to discover who done it before the murderer gets that chance to get rid of the prime witness-- Mary O'Reilly--Page 4 of cover.

Foiled - A Shear Disaster Mystery

Independently Published 2021

L.J. Carter’s move back to Julep, Mississippi has been much more complicated than she ever imagined. She discovers that her momma’s death was actually a murder, and Momma’s ghost is still hanging around to talk about it. The Deputy Sheriff tried to kill her, various dead people keep showing up unannounced at her house, and the hunky shrimper, Vandergast, turns out he’s not exactly who she thought he was. But the good news is that the salon is busier than ever, now that Kyle is there to keep everyone on their toes. And there is a bakery right down the street from the salon – so things could be worse. But not much worse.

Frayed Edges - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
ISBN: 1533002649 OCLC: 953039015

CreateSpace [United States] : 2016

A bullet shot rings out on the night of the Super Moon and a promising college student is killed. Was it an accident, or did her research into false claims by a bio-tech, agricultural company garner her too much attention? The wrong kind of attention. Mary and Bradley have to find out or Ruth McCredie will never rest.

Good Tidings: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Two
ISBN: 148125720X OCLC: 828738151

[Createspace], [Place of publication not identified] : 2012.

Former Chicago police officer Mary O'Reilly has been able to communicate with ghosts since having a near-death experience. In Good Tidings, six year-old Joey Marcum seeks the help of Mary O'Reilly to find his baby brother, who was snatched during the holiday shopping frenzy of Black Friday. Mary agrees to help and finds herself investigating a child-selling scam based in Chicago. But this time, they won't get away with it because Joey's not just a big brother - he's also a ghost.

Hazel's Heart: The Willoughby Witches
ISBN: 1791986080 OCLC: 1099265439

Independently Published [Place of publication not identified] : 2018

Joseph Norwalk is the new police chief in Whitewater, Wisconsin (also known as the Second Salem). During a routine traffic ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant, Joseph meets Hazel Willoughby, one of the three Willoughby sisters. Joseph is intrigued, not only by her spunk, but by the secret he senses she is keeping.

Loose Ends: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book One
ISBN: 1461014522 OCLC: 820020307

Terri Reid, [Place of publication not identified] : ©2010.

Former Chicago police officer Mary O'Reilly has been able to communicate with ghosts since having a near-death experience. Now working as a private investigator, the case of a young woman's drowning at a senator's home may not be the accident it was made out to be. Mary is hired to find out the truth, which causes her to become the target of the killers.

Never Forgotten: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Three
ISBN: 1482713551 OCLC: 843450821

CreateSpace [United States] : 2013

Former Chicago police officer Mary O'Reilly has been able to communicate with ghosts since having a near-death experience. Now the curse had killed another Law enforcement Officer in Stephenson County, this time it struck on Christmas Eve. Nearly a dozen good men had died in the past four years and they all had the same unexplained symptoms. And Mary knew Bradley was next.

Old Acquaintance - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery
ISBN: 1545349800 OCLC: 989731699

CreateSpace [Place of publication not identified] : 2017

Mary O'Reilly froze and stared around the living room. She could swear that something moved in there. She walked around the counter, towards the living room, and heard a soft giggle. It sounded like a child's voice but there was something about it that sent chills down her spine.

Rowan's Responsibility The Willoughby Witches
ISBN: 1720392714 OCLC: 1079066850

CreateSpace [United States] : 2017

Three sisters, three witches, know that now is the time for them to step up and face the creature their ancestors faced and sacrifice whatever they need in order to keep Whitewater safe. Lord Henry McDermott, college professor, anthropologist, and archaeologist has yearned to learn more about the legend of the Willoughby Witches. Taking the summer off to research the folklore, Henry discovers that there is more waiting for him in Whitewater than just a story.

The Blackwood Files - File One: Family Secrets
ISBN: 1522704027 OCLC: 948289725

CreateSpace [Place of publication not identified] : 2015

Brooke Callahan's life might not have been perfect, but it was pretty much what she had expected. She was successful, she was admired and she had a reputation for being a tough defense lawyer, even for her pro-bono cases. Her father was the well-respected and often feared, Judge Callahan. Her mother, Amy Callahan, was a successful hostess in the politically influential circles of Cook County, Illinois. Detective Arthur O'Reilly could care less about politics, except when they got in his way. He was interested in getting the bad guys off the streets. He was a good cop, a clean cop and his family had a reputation too. The O'Reilly's were by-the-book and loyal to a fault. They were the ones you wanted on your side in a fight. Brooke's client had been Art's arrest, a drug dealer and kid killer. Art wanted him to go away for a long time. But Brooke wanted to win and besides, the clerical error that voided her client's confession wasn't her fault, it was shoddy police work. When Art confronted Brooke after court he didn't mean to turn her world upside down, he just wanted to understand. How could the daughter of a murdered cop, Detective Bruce Blackwood, let her client get away with murder? What Art didn't know was that Brooke Callahan didn't realize she was really Brooke Blackwood and that her father had left her a legacy of mystery in The Blackwood Files.

Twisted Paths: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Nine
ISBN: 1490944877 OCLC: 859684841

CreateSpace [United States] : 2013

The ghost of a teenager who committed suicide twenty years ago is haunting her family's home. Can Mary link that death to the serial suicides of the girls who bullied her when she was still alive? And with Gary Copper still on the loose, Mary and Bradley are faced with the challenge of keeping the newest member of their family safe and sound--Page 4 of cover.

UnderCut - A Shear Disaster Mystery

Independently Published 2021

L.J. Carter’s move back to Julep, Mississippi has been much more complicated than she ever imagined. She discovers that her momma’s death was actually a murder, and Momma’s ghost is still hanging around to talk about it. But now, L.J. is embroiled in several more homicide investigations, and she may have stumbled upon some of the dark secrets of the Sons Of Mississippi. Her relationship with Van, the hunky shrimper, is in a constant state of flex – and his kisses turn her brain to mush. Bless her heart and Oh, my, Lanta – things are happening in Julep!