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George C. Wilson

Born: N/A
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: George lived in Springfield, Illinois.

Biography: In 1986, George C. Wilson suffered a severe heart attack. During his recuperation in the hospital, he survived an out-of-body experience. Since then, he has been gifted with divine revelations that he shares with the reader in ''Seconds, A Logical Sequence''. Contained herein are two books reflecting unique and provocative inspirational visions and revelations, received and compiled from 1988 through 1997. These words of inspirational insight came to him, almost on a daily basis, and he preserves their sequential impact in a journal-like presentation. George C. Wilson conveys the enthusiasm and joy he has found in his devotion to God. Anyone seeking spiritual fulfillment will find guidance and a profound sense of purpose in this stimulating volume.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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The flutist's handbook :
ISBN: 096579041X OCLC: 40292135