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Brent Bohlen

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Bohlen lives in Springfield.

Biography: Brent Bohlen has been a prosecutor, a budget analyst, a utilities regulator and legal counsel for a taxpayer organization. But most of all, he has been an athlete. From the time in the third grade when he joined the junior high track team until his knees forced him to give up basketball for the final time in his early 50s, he was involved in organized sports. He thought his competitive days were over until he discovered racewalking, an activity that was kind to his body but as challenging as any sport he had done previously. Bohlen felt compelled to share his racewalking experience with fellow baby boomers. His book, ''BoomerWalk'' is the result.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

BoomerWalk :
ISBN: 0965532844 OCLC: 319435043

Walking Promotions, Medford, NJ : ©2009.

BoomerWalk is written for the 75 million aging baby boomers who need a highly aerobic but low-impact alternative to running and jogging to maintain or regain fitness. Racewalking, a technique that can be learned quickly but that may be perfected for a lifetime, is the ideal joint-friendly exercise for fitness and vigor into old age. The sport even offers competition for those who want it. BoomerWalk identifies the benefits of racewalking, describes the fundamentals of technique and includes detailed photos of baby boomer athletes exhibiting proper form. Profiles of 14 racewalkers with ages ranging from middle 50s to early 90s illustrate the life-long benefits of the sport.

THE PARABLE OF THE PEACOCK: A Read-Aloud Picture Book for Voters
ISBN: 1733575790 OCLC:

The Parable of the Peacock takes a satirical look at the state of American politics as we approach the critical 2020 presidential election. Written in the style of a children’s picture book, the work’s rhyming couplets are best enjoyed read aloud. The book serves up ridicule to deserving parties, but it saves a heaping plateful for the country’s Mocker-in-Chief.