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Krystle Dickerson

Pen Name: Krystle Able, A.K. Dickerson - when writing with her husband Andrew Dickerson

Connection to Illinois: Dickerson lives in Central Illinois.

Biography: Krystle Dickerson currently attends the University of Illinois Springfield where she is studying English Literature and is a multi-genre author published with Crazy Ink. She also writes under the pen name - A.K. Dickerson, with her husband Andrew Dickerson. Together, they've written the 'La Lechuza' horror series available on Amazon and other retailers. They both love to write dark fantasy, horror, and in other genres on the darker side of things.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Dead Girls
ISBN: 1912405318 OCLC:

Daniel Garcia 2019

Sisters, Pierce and Jackson, leave their luxurious lives in Manhattan behind them after their parents' suicides, and move to a rainy town in Washington with their bitter Grandmother and her old, creepy mansion.Level-headed and sensible Pierce is changing, and fiery Jackson must take the place of adult whilst their lives are turned upside down.A serial killer is hunting red-heads, and with Pierce being the last girl in town to fit the profile, she's on curfew. However, she keeps disappearing with a mystery man into the woods, coming back at night, covered in dirt with no memories and, holding a key to the only door in the mansion that's off limits.Things aren't as the seem in the small town of Ridgeview. The monsters of stories could well be inside the walls of their home as well as outside.No one is safe, no can be trusted.Sometimes, the most beautiful smiles hide the darkest secrets...

Lucky Number 23
ISBN: 1093838981 OCLC:

Independently Published 2019

Ivy Lane has no memories of her birth family. She can barely recall her childhood spent bouncing between foster homes before landing at McCourt Manor with Dr. John McCourt and his wife Ester. Ivy knows that nothing good lasts forever for foster kids, and when Dr. McCourt is arrested for unspeakable actions against the other foster children at the home, her life takes a turn for the worse. After years of therapy and a stint in jail, Ivy is determined to get back to the only home she's ever known, and what's left of the McCourt family, John and Ester’s son, Carter. When Ivy makes it back home, she soon realizes there was much more to being Lucky Number 23 than she realized. What Ivy finds when she gets back to the manor however isn’t the sweet, family of her memories, and she soon realizes there was much more to being Lucky Number 23 than she realized.