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Name:  Necia Halpern Apfel  

Pen Name: Necia H. Apfel


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1930 in Mount Vernon, New York

-- Necia H. Apfel on WorldCat --

Illinois Connection

Since 1955, Apfel has lived and worked in the Chicagoland area.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Architecture of the universe /
ISBN: 080534747x. OCLC Number: 4549599

Benjamin/Cummings Pub. Co.,. .

Calendars /
ISBN: 0531100340. OCLC Number: 11971510

F. Watts,. .

Discusses a number of calendars since time began, which were developed by cultures as they discovered patterns in nature.

It's all relative :
ISBN: 0688519814. OCLC Number: 7172334

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books,. .

Discusses the basic principles of relativity and uses "thought experiments" to explain concepts such as the relationship between space and time, gravitation and acceleration, and the curvature of space.

Nebulae :
ISBN: 0688072283. OCLC Number: 15108093

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books,. .

Describes how nebulae or clouds of dust particles and gases in space form from the residue of dying stars and how some nebulae contain matter from which stars are born.

Orion, the Hunter /
ISBN: 0395689627. OCLC Number: 31659041

Clarion Books,. .

The constellation Orion and its separate nebulae are introduced, described, and pictured. A concise text, diagrams, and spectacular full-color photographs illustrate fascinating aspects of Orion, including the many discoveries scientists have made about the celestial bodies within the constellation and the historical myths it has inspired.

Outlines of astronomy
ISBN: 0665496869. OCLC Number: 819505807

Blanchard & Lea,. .

Space station /
ISBN: 0531103943. OCLC Number: 15251698

F. Watts,. .

Discusses the achievements of outer space exploration in this century and examines future possibilities such as a permanent space station, colonies in space, and journeys outside the solar system.

ISBN: 9781439599938. OCLC Number: 69402562

Smithsonian Institution ;. .

Discusses the stars, their composition, and characteristics, with actual photographs.

Stars and galaxies /
ISBN: 0531043894. OCLC Number: 8032033

Watts,. .

Discusses the formation, composition, and placement of stars and groups of stars throughout the universe.

The moon and its exploration /
ISBN: 0531043851. OCLC Number: 8034968

F. Watts,. .

Discusses the geological features, movement, and recent exploration of Earth's closest neighbor.