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General Information

Name:  Allie Pleiter  

Pen Name: Allie Shaw (in 2000 & 2001)


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1962 in Darien, CT

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Illinois Connection

Pleiter lives has a BS in Speech from Northwestern University in Evanston and currently resides in Villa Park.

Biographical and Professional Information

Allie Pleiter writes both fiction and non-fiction and is known for her inspirational romances. When she’s not writing, she’s knitting. Click [ here] to connect to her knitting blog. Originating from Connecticut, Pleiter moved to the midwest to attend Northwestern University, and currently lives outside Chicago.

Published Works

  • Becoming a Chief Home Officer, Zondervan, 2001
  • Facing Every Mom's Fears, Zondervan , 2002
  • The Chunky Method: Your Step-By-Step Plan To WRITE THAT BOOK Even When Life Gets In The Way, AdventureStarts Press, 2016Stand Alone Titles:
  • Bad Heiress Day, Steeple Hill Books, 2005
  • Queen Esther and the Second Graders of Doom, Steeple Hill Books, 2006Love Inspired Series:
  • My So-Called Love Life, Steeple Hill Books, 2006
  • The Perfect Blend, Steeple Hill Books, 2007The Kentucky Corner Series:
  • Bluegrass Hero, Steeple Hill, 2008
  • Bluegrass Courtship, Steeple Hill, 2009
  • Bluegrass Blessings, Steeple Hill, 2009
  • Bluegrass Christmas, Steeple Hill, 2009
  • Easter Promises: Desert Rose / Bluegrass Easter, Steeple Hill, 2010 - written with Lois RicherLove Inspired Historical Series:
  • Masked By Moonlight, Steeple Hill Press, 2008
  • Mission of Hope, Harlequin, 2010
  • Yukon Wedding, Harlequin, 2011
  • Homefront Hero, Harlequin, 2012
  • Family Lessons, Harlequin, 2013
  • The Doctor's Undoing, Harlequin, 2015The Gordon Falls Series:
  • Falling for the Fireman, Harlequin, 2012
  • The Fireman's Homecoming, Harlequin, 2013
  • The Firefighter's Match, Harlequin, 2013
  • A Heart to Heal, Harlequin, 2014
  • Saved by the Fireman, Harlequin, 2014
  • Small-Town Fireman, Harlequin, 2014Bridegroom Brothers Series: (Pleiter wrote the third book in a three book series. The first two books were written by two other authors.)
  • The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart, Thorndike Press, 2014The Lone Star Cowboy League: (Pleiter wrote the third and sixth book in the series. The other books were written by other authors.)
  • A Ranger for the Holidays, Harlequin, 2015
  • The Rancher's Texas Twins, Harlequin, 2017The Blue Thorn Ranch Series:
  • The Texan's Second Chance, Harlequin, 2016
  • Coming Home to Texas, Harlequin, 2016
  • The Texas Rancher's Return, Harlequin, 2016

Selected Titles At Your Library

Becoming a chief home officer :
ISBN: 0310237424. OCLC Number:

Zondervan,. Grand Rapids, Mich. :. ©2002.

Facing every mom's fears :
ISBN: 0310253055. OCLC Number:

Zondervan,. Grand Rapids, Mich. :. 2004.

Fear is a God-given instinct, compelling you to protect your children, but you need to harness it wisely. It's all a question of balance. On the one hand, you want to protect your children from life's real dangers. On the other hand, you don't want to smother them. The drop below can sometimes seem terrifying, but Allie Pleiter assures you that you can make it safely across the high-wire of raising your kids. You can be alert to life's dangers without being paralyzed by them. With humor, clarity, and plenty of personal examples, Pleiter explores the fears, both rational and irrational, that moms experience every day raising their children. Facing Every Mom's Fear brims with true-life stories from other moms and expert advice from the fields of social work, family therapy, psychiatry, and psychology. Best of all, this book digs deep into the Bible to help you meet your fears head-on with faith in God, the ultimate, ever-watchful parent. Learn how to embrace your fear and make it work for you. The courage you seek is already inside you, the balancing act is exciting and worth the risk--and you and your children will benefit.

The chunky method :
ISBN: 0997298200. OCLC Number:

. .

Bad heiress day /
ISBN: 037378533X. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2005.

What would you do with $1 million? That's a question Darcy Nightengale never thought she'd need to answer. But a sudden inheritance of just over $1 million begs a more immediate response. And when Darcy learns of her father's last request that she "give it all away," she discovers just how quickly big money makes big problems. Her husband believes that charity begins at home. His home. And her children are sure it's only a matter of time before the presents start rolling in. Right? Darcy wants to do the right thing--as soon as she can figure out what it is. Can the path of righteousness be paved with gold? Darcy's surprising answer turns her world on end.

Queen Esther :
ISBN: 0373785569. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2006.

Teaching Sunday school at her brother's church in the Bay area was supposed to help former champion athlete Esther "Essie" Walker understand boys -- the better to raise her newborn son as a stellar example of manhood. Fat chance! Enter the eight-year-old male psyche: awful jokes, disrespectful behavior and general mayhem. Essie, the queen of control, finds herself in a brand-new world of chaos. The pressure builds on all fronts -- Sunday school class, husband's job search, church dramatic pageant, aging parents, finances -- until Queen Esther has one royal meltdown. God, it seems, has makeover plans for Essie's competitive nature. Her characteristic control is in very short supply as she gains a better understanding of the nature of imperfection, the value of motherhood and the virtues of a messy but connected life.

My so-called love life /
ISBN: 0373873859. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2006.

The perfect blend /
ISBN: 0373874413. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2007.

Opening a Christian coffeehouse in Seattle-that was my dream. I wanted to call it Maggie Black's Higher Grounds. So when banker William Grey III denied my loan, I was crushed. But then Mr. Grey (who's a tea drinker -figures!) explained that if I took his small-business course, the bank might reconsider my application. It would take the help of some of my fab coffee, but I was sure I could stay awak long enough to learn something. Besides, despite Grey's stuffy facade, his very velvety British accent could make even financial analysis sound interesting.

Bluegrass hero /
ISBN: 0373874944. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill,. New York, NY :. 2008.

Dust-covered men who smell like horses are the norm at Gil Sorrent's farm. Until a trip to Emily Montague's bath shop changes their lives. Suddenly, Gil's lovelorn farmhands are sparkling clean and attracting women instead of working! So Gil barges into the shop, surprised to find Emily, his pretty polar opposite, selling soap by the truckloads. Suddenly everyone in town is not only cleaner--they're nicer. And when our bluegrass hero tries out the soap for himself, love-shy Emily better watch out!

Bluegrass courtship /
ISBN: 0373875185. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©2009.

Drew Downing recognizes the need for serious rebuilding of faith in God in Janet Bishop, a cynical hardware store owner.

Bluegrass blessings /
ISBN: 037387538X. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill,. New York :. ©2009.

"Everyone in Middleburg, Kentucky, lines up for baker Dinah Hopkins's cinnamon rolls. Everyone except her handsome new landlord, Cameron Rollings. The jaded city man doesn't like anything about small-town life--from the fresh air to her fresh-baked snickerdoodles. And he clearly considers Dinah as quirky as her eccentric oven. The way to Cameron's heart is not through his toned stomach. But the Lord led him to Kentucky Corners for a reason. And Dinah plans to help him count his bluegrass blessings."--Page 4 of cover.

Bluegrass Christmas /
ISBN: 0373875568. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©2009.

Easter promises /
ISBN: 0373875843. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2010.

Jayne Rose's dream to run her grandmother's Palm Springs flower shop is about to be dashed. Until she meets a handsome man who helps make it come true. Suddenly romance and roses are blooming. Yet Ben Cummings isn't who he says he is ... or is he?

Masked by moonlight /
ISBN: 037382789X. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill Books,. New York :. ©2008.

When night fell on the lawless streets of old San Francisco, Matthew Covington--seemingly just another wealthy society idler-- became the mysterious crime-fighter known as the Black Bandit. Nothing could tempt him to reveal his secret identity, until the English gentleman met Georgia Waterhouse, whose pseudonymous newspaper accounts had made his daring exploits famous. He was coming to care deeply for this woman, who shared his passionate devotion to justice-- and the Lord-- but she could never know he was her shadow-shrouded hero. What would become of their growing love if he revealed the truth that lay behind the mask...? -p.4 of cover.

Mission of hope /
ISBN: 037382842X. OCLC Number:

Steeple Hill,. New York :. ©2010.

"No one knows who he is or where he's from. But witnesses throughout San Francisco report a masked man in black is bringing supplies--and badly needed hope--to homeless earthquake survivors. Some believe that the city's gallant rescuer is a gentleman of wealth. But others whisper that he is a working-class man with courage as great as his faith. And rumor has it that one of the city's most spirited society belles is helping him against her family's wishes. What can be confirmed is that the masked messenger will need more than a miracle to escape those on his trail--and win the woman risking everything to save him ..."--Page 4 of cover.

Yukon wedding /
ISBN: 0373828632. OCLC Number:

Love Inspired Books,. New York :. ©2011.

"A gold-rush town is no place for a single mother. But widow Lana Bristow won't abandon the only home her son has ever known. She'll fight to remain in Treasure Creek, Alaska--even if it means wedding Mack Tanner, the man she blames for her husband's death. Mack sees marriage as his duty, the only way to protect his former business partner's family. Yet what starts as an obligation changes as his spoiled socialite bride proves to be a woman of strength and grace. A woman who shows Mack the only treasure he needs is her heart."--Page 4 of cover.

Homefront hero /
ISBN: 0373829167. OCLC Number:

Love Inspired,. New York :. 2012.

"Dashing and valiantly wounded, Captain John Gallows could have stepped straight out of an army recruitment poster. Leanne Sample can't help being impressed - although the lovely Red Cross nurse tries to hide it. She knows better than to get attached to the daring captain who is only home to heal and help rally support for the war's final push. As soon as he's well enough, he'll rush back to Europe, back to war - and far away from South Carolina and Leanne. But when an epidemic strikes close to home, John comes to realize what it truly means to be a hero - Leanne's hero"--Page 2 of cover.

Family lessons /
ISBN: 0373829604. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Books,. New York, NY :. ©2013.

"After a catastrophe strands a train--and eight orphaned children--near Evans Grove, Nebraska, schoolteacher Holly Sanders sees hope in the chaos. These children are the new start her community needs. And Holly is stubbornly determined to give the townspeople, the children ... and even gruff sheriff Mason Wright ... the happy families they deserve. How can anyone so petite have so much gumption? Watching Holly rally her young charges wins Mason's admiration--and reminds him of his own failures. No matter what Holly or the orphan boy Liam think, Mason's no hero and he doesn't merit a second chance. Can Holly's faith, Liam's trust and God's grace open Mason's heart to love's greatest lesson?"--Publisher.

The doctor's undoing /
ISBN: 0373283091. OCLC Number:

Love Inspired Books,. New York, NY :. 2015.

When Dr. Daniel Parker requested an army nurse to help with is orphanage, he expected an organized, sensible matron. Instead he gets young, beautiful, obstinate Ida Lee Landway, whose vibrant outlook and unrelenting optimism turn his work and his life inside out. Army life was easy compared to the discipline at her new workplace. Yet Ida is immediately smitten by the children in her care and impressed by Daniel's unfaltering dedication. Adding color and warmth to her new surroundings in one thing. Can she also help the good doctor embrace joy--and in so doing, find the family they both deserve?

Falling for the fireman /
ISBN: 0373816049. OCLC Number:

Love Inspired Books,. New York, N.Y. :. ©2012.

The firefighter's match /
ISBN: 0373878494. OCLC Number:

Harlequin/Love Inspired Books,. New York :. ©2013.

"After serving overseas, former soldier Josephine "JJ" Jones needs a fresh start. And Gordon Falls is just the place. When JJ meets executive Alex Cushman, her world is turned upside down. Alex is seeking a respite from all the pressures of his multimillion-dollar business. And the beautiful firefighter might be the answer to his prayers. But a secret lies betwwn them. One so big, it threatens to end their love before it is even begun. Can she ever trust Alex when she finds out he may be responsible for a family tragedy that changed all their lives?"--Page 4 of cover.

A heart to heal /
ISBN: 0373879032. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Love Inspired,. New York :. 2014.

"Guidance counselor Heather Browning is desperate. She needs a mentor to help Simon, a disabled student who is struggling at Gordon Falls High School. Unfortunately, hotshot Max Jones is her only option. Confrontational and cavalier, Max uses his flashy persona to hide the bitterness he has felt since his life-changing accident. Perpetually cautious, Heather finds Max's bad-boy bravado as intriguing as it is infuriating. But as Heather and Max work together to build Simon's self-confidence, they begin to trust each other. Max has never been slow and careful with anything. Can he be gentle with Heather's heart?"--Page 4 of cover.

Saved by the fireman /
ISBN: 0373879229. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Love Inspired,. New York :. 2014.

Charlotte Taylor isn't good at playing it safe. Reeling from the sudden loss of her job and her beloved grandmother, Charlotte knows buying a dilapidated cottage in Gordon Falls isn't exactly practical. Especially since she just hired the one man who may love the property more than she does to renovate it. Volunteer firefighter and part-time contractor Jesse Sykes can't stay mad at Charlotte for very long. Though she snatched up the home he'd planned on purchasing, Charlotte's dreams are big enough for both of them ... if only she'd let him in. Charlotte promised she'd never fall for a first responder, but is it already too late?

Small-town fireman /
ISBN: 0373879326. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Love Inspired,. New York :. 2014.

Karla Kennedy doesn't belong in Gordon Falls. The aspiring restaurateur has far loftier goals than running her grandfather's quaint coffee shop. The only person who seems to relate is handsome volunteer firefighter Dylan McDonald. Dylan understands dreams--he risked everything to start his fishing charter business. Now he needs Karla's help to make it succeed. As they work together, Karla and Dylan quickly discover that while their timing may be bad, their chemistry is undeniable. Karla always thought of Gordon Falls as a layover on her way to a big-city career, but could it be where her heart truly belongs?

The lawman's Oklahoma sweetheart /
ISBN: 141046881X. OCLC Number:

. .

When Katrine Brinkerhoff's cabin is attacked, only sheriff Clint Thornton's heroism saves her. She owes Clint her life -- and her help catching the men responsible. All she has to do is trust in Clint's plan to protect her family. But she can't let herself care too deeply, not when her past carries secrets that would drive him away. Infiltrating the murderous gang is a dirty job, yet Clint is determined to see it through. The brigands will face justice -- and they will never harm Katrine again. Clint would give his life to keep the beautiful settler safe ... but will he be willing to risk his heart?

A ranger for the holidays /
ISBN: 0373719213. OCLC Number:

. .

In Little Horn, Texas, Amelia Klondike is known as the Queen of Christmas. Her generosity and sheer joy during the holidays is contagious for everyone except Finn Brannigan. The attractive, wounded stranger doesn't know who he is or where he came from -- and he isn't feeling merry at all. It isn't long before Amelia, her grandfather and their adorable dog begin to warm Finn's heart. But when Finn's memory starts to return, his past as a Texas Ranger -- the one thing that might cause Amelia to withdraw from him -- is revealed. And he worries that he may lose his chance for the one perfect Western Christmas with the woman he can't bear to forget ..."

The rancher's Texas twins /
ISBN: 0373622600. OCLC Number:

. .

"Rancher Gabe Everett will do whatever it takes to keep Avery Culpepper in Texas until the end of the month. Even if it means inviting the beautiful single mom and her mischievous twin girls to stay on his property. Avery holds the key to saving Haven's boys ranch, but Gabe won't let his interest go beyond business. He's not a family man, and Avery needs someone who will be there for her and her daughters. Yet as the girls overrun his orderly ranch with their tea parties and girlie cuteness, Gabe finds himself softening just a little. Could a family to love be exactly what this solitary rancher needs?"--Back cover.

The Texan's second chance /
ISBN: 0373719701. OCLC Number:

. .

There's a lot riding on Witt Buckton's fresh start in Martins Gap, Texas. His cousins at Blue Thorn are counting on him to make the new arm of their ranch business a success. First, however, he'll have to figure out how to work with Jana Powers. The petite, energetic spitfire immediately locks horns with the blue-eyed rancher. But she doesn't just challenge him--she captivates him. As they work together, Witt and Jana discover common ground and something more. Sweet Jana has left her brand on Witt's heart, and now he faces his greatest challenge yet: convincing her that love can be worth the risk.

Coming home to Texas /
ISBN: 0373719477. OCLC Number:

. .

Ellie and the Lawman Leaving behind her big city life, Ellie Buckton can't wait to return to Blue Thorn Ranch--the place she's always considered home, and the perfect place to mend her wounded heart. But she's unprepared for the instant sparks she feels with the town's new lawman, Nash Larson. Strong and steady Nash doesn't want any attachments in his temporary posting. Not with the troubled teens he and Ellie are drafted to work with. And especially not with Ellie or the undeniable feelings she inspires within him. Nash likes to play by the book. But law and order can't always rule when love is concerned.

The Texas rancher's return /
ISBN: 0373719353. OCLC Number:

Love Inspired Books,. New York, NY :. 2016.

Black-sheep cowboy Gunner Buckton is home for one reason to keep Blue Thorn Ranch in his family where it's been for generations. No one not even Brooke Calder will take it from him. The cute, down-home widow may not look like a slick developer, but she works for one. Along with her adorable daughter, she's a threat to his homestead and to his wounded heart. Brooke needs this job. Gunner may be as ornery as a bull, but it's her task to win him over. The battle lines are drawn. Only problem is, around the handsome Texan, she doesn't know which side she's on.


A Heart to Heal

  • Reviewer's Choice Award, RT Book Reviews, 2014

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  • The Five Friends Every Mom Needs A touching, tickling look at the role of friends in every womans life. A Version available especially for writers.
  • Facing Every Moms Fears Ways to fight to freak-out in all of usfrom school busses to spiders to sickness.
  • Blessings for Sunday School Teachers Affirmation and encouragement for those in the crayon-colored trenches.
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