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General Information

Name:  Alex Matthews  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1940 in Portland, Oregon

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Illinois Connection

Matthews lives in Oak Park, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Alex Matthews grew up in Portland, Oregon. She taught English for a couple of years until her husband's career took them to the Chicago area. It was there that she began to indulge in her lifelong passion for writing. She first started working part time for a local newspaper. It was her journalistic success that gave her the courage to begin writing.After her divorce, she became a psychotherapist to support her family. But, after her children were grown and she was happily married to her second husband, she found she was missing a new challenge. So, Alex started work on her first mystery ''Secret's Shadow''.Since then Matthews has written several books in a mystery series that features a fictional cat that is a character, not a pet. The central figure of the series is Cassidy McCabe, a psychotherapist/sleuth who solves mysteries out of her home in Oak Park. Matthews has received the Readers' Choice Best Series Character Award and the Cat Writers' Muse Medallion.


Readers' Choice Best Series Character Award; Cat wrtiers' Muse Medallion; Wordweaving Award for excellence

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Blood's burden /
ISBN: 1890768642. OCLC Number: 66905458

Intrigue Press,. .

Cat's claw /
ISBN: 1890768359. OCLC Number: 48500679

Intrigue Press,. .

Death's domain
ISBN: 0373265174. OCLC Number: 59281670

Worldwide,. .

News of Cassidy McCabe's death is greatly exaggerated when she opens up the local paper to confront her very own obituary. The short brief recounts her untimely passing fifteen years earlier on this very day-the anniversary of the tragic death of her friend Barbara, who dies in a car crash after having been caught in bed with Cassidy's first husband. Is this someone's idea of a sick joke-or something far more sinister? Cassidy thinks she knows the chilling answer when she starts getting ominous e-cards, vowing vengeance for Barbara's death. But who would be striking out after all these years? Could it be her ex-husband, Kevin, or a stranger with a grudge? And who else would possibly know about the terrible secret that Cassidy has kept hidden for so long? When the threats turn to Cassidy's husband, Zach, she digs relentlessly into her own dark past-now resurrected by a dangerous enemy with deadly intent.--BOOK COVER.

Death's domain /
ISBN: 1890768375. OCLC Number: 46835508

Intrigue Press,. .

Psychotherapist and cat companion Cassidy McCabe enlists the help of her investigative reporter husband Zach after an ominous prank leads to Zach becoming the target of a ruthless E-stalker.

Healer's heresy /
ISBN: 0979475619. OCLC Number: 714621308

Veiled Intent Press,. .

"Psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe is unnerved when her doorbell rings late at night. Her reporter husband Zach answers it, then returns to tell her their visitor is a former client with booze on his breath and blood on his shirt. Overriding Zach's objections, Cass takes her client into her home office and listens to what he has to say. When he tells her what he wants from her, she is shocked. Against her better judgment, she believes her client is telling the truth and accedes to his wishes. Later that night, Cass and Zach find a woman's naked body covered by a sheet, her hair fanned out around her head, a bullet hole in her chest. It's Claudia, the doctor who took out an order of protection against Cass's client. As Cass and Zach work together to uncover the truth, they learn that Claudia wasn't who she seemed to be-- and asking the wrong person the wrong question could prove fatal"--Veiled Intent website.

Murder's madness
ISBN: 9780979475603. OCLC Number: 225148332

Veiled Intent Press,. .

Satan's silence /
ISBN: 1890768049. OCLC Number: 39750984

Intrigue Press,. .

A young woman patient confides to psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe that as a child she witnessed a murder. Cassidy discusses the case with her journalist boyfriend and the two begin an investigation. When the girl is abducted they realize they are onto something.

Secret's shadow
ISBN: 1890768030. OCLC Number: 38958388

Intrigue Press,. .

A therapist, being sued for a client's suicide, joins the client's brother to investigate the death, and finds secrets that lead to murder.

Secret's shadow /
ISBN: 155686745X. OCLC Number: 39843790

Books in Motion,. .

A therapist, being sued for a client's suicide, joins the client's brother to investigate the death, and finds secrets that lead to murder.

Vendetta's victim /
ISBN: 1890768146. OCLC Number: 43313907

Intrigue Press,. .

Wanton's Web /
ISBN: 1890768340. OCLC Number: 49658431

Intrigue Press,. .

Wedding's widow /
ISBN: 1890768499. OCLC Number: 51616197

Intrigue Press,. .

Psychotherapist-sleuth Cassidy McCabe and her husband, Zach, investigate the shooting death of her patient Claire's fianceĢ on the day of their wedding.