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General Information

Name:  Alex Matthews  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1940 in Portland, Oregon

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Illinois Connection

Matthews lives in Oak Park, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Alex Matthews grew up in Portland, Oregon. She taught English for a couple of years until her husband's career took them to the Chicago area. It was there that she began to indulge in her lifelong passion for writing. She first started working part time for a local newspaper. It was her journalistic success that gave her the courage to begin writing.After her divorce, she became a psychotherapist to support her family. But, after her children were grown and she was happily married to her second husband, she found she was missing a new challenge. So, Alex started work on her first mystery ''Secret's Shadow''.Since then Matthews has written several books in a mystery series that features a fictional cat that is a character, not a pet. The central figure of the series is Cassidy McCabe, a psychotherapist/sleuth who solves mysteries out of her home in Oak Park. Matthews has received the Readers' Choice Best Series Character Award and the Cat Writers' Muse Medallion.

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Titles At Your Library

Secret's Shadows
ISBN: 155686745X

Books in Motion. 1999

Satan's Silence: The Second Cassidy McCabe Mystery
ISBN: 1890768049

Intrigue Press. 1998

Cassidy McCabe is having a bad day when her cat turns up missing and her client Dana undergoes a frightening flashback in which she witnessed a Satanic ritual. Knowing Dana has a psychiatric history, Cassidy is uncertain whether to take the suddenly recovered memory as reality or delusion. But when she tells the story to her partner in crime solving, investigative reporter Zach Moran, he recognizes the place Dana describes and insists on searching for evidence. As the evil that emerged deep in the forest preserve more than 20 years ago moves into the present, Cassidy begins to fear not only for her client's life but for Zach's and her own as well.
-- Bound to keep you guessing -- Chicago Books in Review

Vendetta's Victim: The Third Cassidy McCabe Mystery (Cassidy McCabe Mysteries (Paperback))
ISBN: 1890768146

Intrigue Press. 1999

Third in the Cassidy McCabe mystery series, the therapist/sleuth voted "Best Continuing Character in a Mystery Series" in the Readers Choice Awards, Mystery Lovers Conference.

Psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe has a houseful of kittens and her reporter partner, Zach Moran, living with her, and life is relatively tranquil. That is, until a series of women begin approaching her with letters from an unknown man named Cliff, who is recommending Cassidy as a therapist. Cliff has a vendetta against women and has launched a vicious crusade to seduce and victimize them. As Cass enlists Zach's aid to investigate, she finds that Cliff has begun to stalk her. With a stunning premise, right out of today's headlines, this book offers a chilling scenario.

Wanton's Web: The Fourth Cassidy McCabe Mystery (Cassidy McCabe Mysteries)
ISBN: 1890768340

Intrigue Press. 2001

Fourth book in the Cassidy McCabe mystery series, featuring the popular psychotherapist-turned-sleuth. Readers who have followed Cass's previous adventures will be glad to know that she and Zach are back! Those who have not yet discovered this series will want to check out all of them.

Cat's Claw: The Fifth Cassidy McCabe Mystery (Cassidy McCabe Mysteries (Paperback))
ISBN: 1890768359

Intrigue Press. 2001

Every street has its resident cat lady, but pyschotherapist sleuth Cassidy McCabe's neighbor is more reclusive than most. She never speaks to her neighbors, never has any visitors, never raises the blinds. Cats surround the house, and Cassidy decides to find a home for the strays when she suddenly finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation. This time, however, she can't rely on her husband, Zach Moran, because he's gone undercover as a drug dealer, and his dangerous new identity is taking over.

Suspects abound, and Cass has a hard time narrowing them down because all have strong motives. In Cassidy's fifth mystery, Alex Matthews delivers another relentless page-turner while also exploring the delicate pyschological qualities that allow people to interact with the world around them.

Death's Domain: The Sixth Cassidy McCabe Mystery
ISBN: 1890768375

Intrigue Press. 2001

Psychotherapist and cat companion Cassidy McCabe enlists the help of her investigative reporter husband Zach after an ominous prank leads to Zach becoming the target of a ruthless E-stalker.

Wedding's Widow: The Seventh Cassidy McCabe Mystery
ISBN: 1890768499

Intrigue Press. 2003

Cassidy McCabe's patient Claire Linden plans to remarry, which worries the therapist. Cassidy attends Claire and Max's wedding, where the groom is shot dead at the altar, leading Cassidy to follow the twists that lead to his killer.

Blood's Burden: A Cassidy McCabe Mystery (Cassidy McCabe Mysteries (Hardcover))
ISBN: 1890768642

Intrigue Press. 2006

"In McCabe [Matthews] depicts a spunky woman, divorced, unsure of romance, vulnerable yet self-sufficient. A frisky brew to be sure."-The Chicago Sun-Times

Psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe and her husband Zach Moran are in the midst of a party when Zach's college-aged son calls in a panic, imploring them to come to his Chicago townhouse. Upon arrival, they find Bryce in a state of shock and his live-in girlfriend Kit with a bullet in her forehead.

Zach, an investigative reporter, quickly discovers there is no forced entry, and pokes around her e-mail to learn Kit was involved with at least two other men besides Bryce. The police take Bryce in, and within 24 hours an autopsy reveals that Kit was pregnant. Bryce is charged with murder.

Zach, in his typical take-charge fashion, tries to direct the investigation, but Bryce thwarts him at every turn, resulting in a power struggle between father and son. And it doesn't help that Zach harbors fears that his son may actually be guilty.

Cass, convinced of the boy's innocence, is furious with her husband and sets out to prove Bryce's innocence. And with an attempted car bombing of Bryce's car, it suddenly becomes painfully clear that Kit wasn't the only target.

Alex Matthews is a clinical social worker who enjoys writing psychological mysteries, but has not urge to live the life of the great Cassidy McCabe. Alex lives with her husband and private-practice partner in Illinois. Check out her website for more author and book information,

Murder's Madness (Cassidy McCabe Mystery)
ISBN: 0979475600

Veiled Intent Press. 2008

Voices screaming in her head...dark angels pursuing her...desperation driving he to climb to the top of a Chicago building. When Cassidy and her reporter husband Zach rent their Marina City condo to Delia, she has been stabilized on medication for several years. Then, a few months later, she goes off her meds and has a psychotic break. "You have to come here," Delia whispers to Cassidy. "I can't tell you over the phone...people are listening. After Cassidy arrives at Delia's condo, the schizophrenic woman describes the incident she witnessed in the rooftop room the previous night. "I opened the door a crack. I saw the Angel of Death, all shiny and glistening. He was standing in front of a closet where a naked body was hanging." That same day a man is discovered missing from the building. As Cass probes deeper into the mystery, she has reason to fear that she will disappear as well.

Healer's Heresy
ISBN: 0979475619

Veiled Intent Press. 2011

Healer's Heresy is the tenth book in the Cassidy McCabe series. Cassidy, a psychotherapist, is unnerved when her doorbell rings late at night. Her reporter husband Zach answers it, then returns to tell her their visitor is a former client with booze on his breath and blood on his shirt. Overriding Zach's objections, Cassidy takes her client into her home office and listens to what he has to say. When he tells her what he wants fro her, she is shocked. Against her better judgement, she believes her client is telling the truth and accedes to his wishes. Later that night, Cassidy and Zach find a dead body. It's Claudia, the woman doctor who took out an order of protection against Cassidy's client. As Cassidy and Zach work together to uncover the truth, they learn that Claudia wasn't who she seemed to be...and that asking the wrong person the wrong question could prove fatal.


Readers' Choice Best Series Character Award

Cat wrtiers' Muse Medallion

Wordweaving Award for excellence

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