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Name:  Gina Bellisario  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

A Prairie State native, Bellisario grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. She later moved to the west suburbs, where she taught high school English and journalism. She now lives in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gina Bellisario is the author of fiction and nonfiction books for young readers. Her first picture book, ''The Twelve Days of Christmas in Illinois'', is part of The Twelve Days of Christmas in America series from Sterling Children's Books.

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Titles At Your Library

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Illinois (The Twelve Days of Christmas in America)
ISBN: 1402797338

Sterling Children's Books. 2012

From sparkling boats on Lake Michigan to giant roadside statues along Route 66, Illinois has it all--and Mia's going to see everything the Prairie State has to offer when she visits her favorite cousin for Christmas. Along the way, she gets some great state gifts, including a chirpy red cardinal named Ruby, some spooky ghosts, and a whole gang of sock monkeys--invented in Illinois!

Let's Meet a Veterinarian (Cloverleaf Books - Community Helpers)
ISBN: 1467708062

Millbrook Pr Trade. 2013

What does a veterinarian do? Let's find out! Dr. Kate is a veterinarian. She visits a school to give Henry, the class guinea pig, a checkup. She shows the class the tools she uses. She tells them about the many things vets do. And the students learn how to take good care of Henry. Hooray for veterinarians!

Let's Meet a Librarian (Cloverleaf Books - Community Helpers)
ISBN: 1467708038

Millbrook Pr Trade. 2013

Are you curious about dinosaurs? Music? Volcanoes? You're in luck! Mr. Field is a librarian. He knows how to find information about all kinds of cool things. He shows the students in Mrs. Ríos's class how to use the library. Let's hear it for librarians!

Let's Meet a Firefighter (Cloverleaf Books - Community Helpers)
ISBN: 0761390251

Millbrook Press. 2013

Are you curious about fire trucks? Firefighting clothes? Hoses and ladders? You're in luck! Firefighter Jim works at the fire department. He knows how to handle all kinds of emergencies. He shows a group of kids how he does his job. Let's hear it for firefighters!

Let's Meet a Police Officer (Cloverleaf Books - Community Helpers)
ISBN: 0761390243

Millbrook Press. 2013

Do you want to learn more about police cars? Police dogs? Other tools the police use? Then it's your lucky day! Officer Gabby is a police officer. She knows how to keep people safe. She shows a group of kids how she does her job. Three cheers for police officers!

Choose Good Food!: My Eating Tips (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 1467723940

Millbrook Pr Trade. 2014

Lucas is a picky eater. But he's excited to go to the supermarket. Today, he gets to choose food for lunch. Lucas's dad helps him learn about the five food groups. Lucas finds out what foods are healthful. And he prepares a tasty snack!

Take a Bath!: My Tips for Keeping Clean (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 1467723967

Millbrook Pr Trade. 2014

Caleb is playing Mud Monsters. He's a muddy mess. Time for Bubble Trouble! He takes a soapy bath to chase dirt and germs away. Caleb also makes a No Germ Zone at the dinner table. And he brushes and flosses his teeth before bed. Goodbye, germs!

Poison Alert!: My Tips to Avoid Danger Zones at Home (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 1467723924

Millbrook Pr Trade. 2014

Matthew's little brother doesn't know about harmful substances. But Mighty Matthew does! He rescues his brother from household poisons. That means cleaners, medicines, and houseplants. He also points out poisons in the grass and garage. Matthew knows how to stay safe at home!

Keep Calm!: My Stress-busting Tips (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 1467713546

Millbrook Press. 2014

Anna is one busy girl! She plays soccer and takes piano lessons. She has homework and chores. Sometimes she feels stressed. How can she get everything done? Anna's parents show her several ways to deal with stress. When she tries them, she shrinks her stress and feels better!

Be Aware!: My Tips for Personal Safety (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 1467713511

Millbrook Press. 2014

Sophie is on a mission. You can call her Agent S. Like any good spy, Sophie knows how to be safe. She helps her brother stay away from danger too. They watch for speeding cars. They avoid strangers. And they never goof around on the school bus!

Move Your Body!: My Exercise Tips (Cloverleaf Books - My Healthy Habits)
ISBN: 146771349X

Millbrook Press. 2014

It's almost Field Day! But Natalie's team isn't ready for the big race. Their muscles get tired easily. Ms. Starr teaches them about aerobic and anaerobic exercise. They learn some stretching exercises too. Now they're full of energy. Can they win the beach ball relay?


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