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General Information

Name:  Carolyn Crimi  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: December 28, 1959 in Long Island, New York

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Illinois Connection

Crimi resides in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Crimi grew up on Long Island. received her B.A. from Lake Forest College in Art History and MFA from Vermont College in Writing for Children. In addition to writing books, Crimi also teaches adult education courses on writing for children, visits schools for ''Author Talks'', and writes stories and articles for children's textbooks and magazines.

Published Works

  • Outside, Inside, Simon & Schuster, 1995
  • Kidding Around Chicago, Avalon Publishing, 1998
  • Don't Need Friends, Random House, 1999
  • Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes, Orchard, 2002
  • Get Busy, Beaver!, Orchard Books, 2004
  • Boris and Bella, Harcourt, 2004
  • Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies, Candlewick, 2005
  • The Louds Move In!, Marshall Cavendish, 2006
  • Where's My Mummy?, Candlewick, 2008
  • Henry & The Crazed Chicken Pirates, Candlewick, 2009
  • Principal Fred Won't Go to Bed, Marshall Cavendish Childrens Books, 2010 - reprinted by Two Lions, 2014
  • Rock and Roll Mole, Dial, 2011
  • Dear Tabby, HarperCollins, 2011
  • Pugs in a Bug, Dial, 2012

Selected Titles At Your Library

Outside, inside /
ISBN: 0671886886. OCLC Number:

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. New York :. 1995.

During a storm, Molly notices different things outside her window and inside her house.

Kidding around Chicago :
ISBN: 1562615874. OCLC Number:

J. Muir Publications,. Emeryville, Calif. :. ©2000.

Provides historical and cultural information as well as a guide to the sights of Chicago and its suburbs.

Don't need friends /
ISBN: 0440415322. OCLC Number:

. .

After his best friend moves away, Rat rudely rebuffs the efforts of the other residents of the junkyard to be friendly, until he and a grouchy old dog decide that they need each other.

Tessa's tip-tapping toes /
ISBN: 0439317681. OCLC Number:

Scholastic Inc.,. New York :. 2002.

Inspired by the rhythm of the rain, a mouse that loves to dance and a cat with a penchant for singing find that they can no longer control their impulses.

Get busy, Beaver! /
ISBN: 0439548667. OCLC Number:

Orchard Books,. New York :. 2004.

While the other beavers in his family furiously flip-flap their tails and chomp-chomp their teeth to make a new dam, young Thelonious takes a moment to smell the flowers.

Boris and Bella /
ISBN: 0152059008. OCLC Number:

Harcourt,. Orlando :. ©2004.

Bella Legrossi and Boris Kleanitoff, the messiest and cleanest monsters in Booville respectively, do nothing but argue until the night of Harry Beastie's Halloween party.

Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies /
ISBN: 0763624497. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, Mass. :. 2005.

Captain Barnacle Black Ear, baddest of the Buccaneer Bunnies, is ashamed of his book-loving son, Henry, until the day a great storm approaches.

The Louds move in! :
ISBN: 0761452214. OCLC Number:

Marshall Cavendish,. New York :. ©2006.

When the Loud family moves into the neighborhood alongside Mr. Pitterpatter, Miss Shushermush, and Miss Meekerton, things begin to change.

Where's my mummy? /
ISBN: 0763631965. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, Mass. :. 2008.

One deep, dark night, as all of the monsters are preparing for bed, Little Baby Mummy bravely searches for his mother until he sees a truly terrifying creature.

Henry & the crazed chicken pirates /
ISBN: 0763636010. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Somerville, Mass. :. 2009.

When the Buccaneer Bunnies receive a note from an unknown enemy, Henry researches and writes a book called "Plan for Impending Danger from the Unknown Enemy Who Wrote the Scary Note," which helps him when the enemy finally arrives.

Principal Fred won't go to bed /
ISBN: 0761457097. OCLC Number:

Marshall Cavendish Children,. Tarrytown, NY :. ©2010.

At bedtime, Principal Fred's wife, son, and dog help him search for his missing teddy bear so that he can go to sleep.

Rock 'n' roll Mole /
ISBN: 0803731663. OCLC Number:

Dial Books for Young Readers,. New York :. ©2011.

Mole has a "rock-and-roll soul" and the groupies to prove it, but when his friend Pig organizes a talent show, Mole's stage fright may prevent him from performing.

Dear Tabby /
ISBN: 006114245X. OCLC Number:

Harper,. New York :. ©2011.

A feline advice columnist assists other animals with their problems, such as a parrot whose owners complain that he talks too much, a groundhog who feels the pressure of predicting the weather, and a cat who objects to being pampered.

Pugs in a Bug /
ISBN: 0803733208. OCLC Number:

Dial Books for Young Readers,. New York :. ©2012.

Pugs from one to six drive in a VW Beetle through the countryside to join huskies pulling sleds, bulldogs driving cabs, poodles on skateboards, and more in the Pooch Parade.


  • Prairie State Award for Excellence in Writing for Children, Illinois Reading Council, 2012
  • Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies

  • Arkansas Diamond Primary Book Award
  • Armadillo Reader's Choice Award
  • 2013 ILLINOIS READS Book
  • Pugs in a Bug

  • 2015 ILLINOIS READS Book

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