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General Information

Name:  Larry Dale Kettelkamp  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: Harvey, Illinois

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Biographical and Professional Information

larry began his career with Spencer Press in Champaign Illinois as an art director. He has worked as a freelance writer, editor, music teacher, organist, composer, and lecturer. He now lives in New Jersey.

Published Works

  • Mischievous Ghosts, The Poltergeist and PK, Morrow, 1980
  • Magic Made Easy, Morrow, 1981
  • The Magic of Sound, Morrow, 1982
  • Electronic Musical Instruments, What They Do, How They Work, Morrow, 1984
  • Modern Sports Science, Morrow, 1986
  • Bill Cosby, Family, Funny Man, J. Messner, 1987
  • Computer Graphics, How It Works, What It Does, Morrow, 1989
  • High Tech for the Handicapped, New Ways to Hear, See, Talk and Walk, Enslow, 1991
  • Living in Space, Morrow, 1993
  • ET`s and UFO`s, Are They Real, Morrow, 1996

Selected Titles At Your Library

Mischievous ghosts :
ISBN: 0688222439. OCLC Number:

Morrow,. New York :. 1980.

Discusses cases of psychokinetic activity caused by poltergeists, laboratory research which has been done in this area, and theories to explain PK.

Magic made easy /
ISBN: 068800377X. OCLC Number:

Morrow,. New York :. 1981.

Describes twenty-one tricks illustrated with diagrams, drawings, and photographs and suggests the accompanying line of patter.

The magic of sound /
ISBN: 0688014933. OCLC Number:

Morrow,. New York :. 1982.

Presents simple experiments which demonstrate the principles of hearing and acoustics, and discusses related topics such as sound in industry, communications, and sound effects.

Electronic musical instruments :
ISBN: 0688027814. OCLC Number:

W. Morrow,. New York :. 1984.

Explains the principles of electronic music, discusses the uses of such electronic instruments as oscillators, synthesizers, electronic organs, and sound processors, and gives advice on performing and recording electronic music.

Modern sports science /
ISBN: 0688054943. OCLC Number:

Morrow,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1986.

Describes how the body functions in athletic performance and discusses the advances made in understanding muscle mechanics, body metabolism, peak performance, stress, mind and body relationships, and what is needed to become proficient in a sport.

Bill Cosby :
ISBN: 0671623826. OCLC Number:

J. Messner,. New York :. ©1987.

Examines the life and career of the popular entertainer, from his childhood to his success as a comedian and actor.

Computer graphics :
ISBN: 0688075045. OCLC Number:

Morrow Junior Books,. New York :. ©1989.

Explores the science and technology of computer graphics, how computer videogames and animations work, and how computer graphics are used in communications, design, science, and medicine.

High tech for the handicapped :
ISBN: 0894902024. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Hillside, N.J. :. ©1991.

Describes how new materials, devices, and computerized systems are helping the physically handicapped to live more active lives.

Living in space /
ISBN: 068810018X. OCLC Number:

Morrow Junior Books,. New York :. ©1993.

Discusses what humans have achieved and hope to achieve regarding living in space, examining space flights, space shuttles, and future space stations.

ETs and UFOs :
ISBN: 0688128688. OCLC Number:

Morrow Junior Books,. New York :. 1996.

An overview of reported sightings of UFOs and reports of encounters with aliens as well as the agencies whose work is to monitor and investigate such claims.



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