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General Information

Name:  Sally D. John  

Pen Name: Sally John

Genre: Fiction Romance

Born: March 28, 1951 in Moline, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

John grew up in Moline, Illinois and graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sally John is a fiction writer. She is a teacher at writing conferences and a speaker to women's groups. She formally worked as a substitute teacher and middle-school reading teacher.

Selected Titles At Your Library

In the shadow of love /
ISBN: 0891079831. OCLC Number:

Crossway Books,. Wheaton, Ill. :. ©1998.

As a reporter, community volunteer, and mother of twin boys, Tori Jeffers' life is such a whirlwind that sometimes it seems she belongs to every organization in San Diego County! That leaves little time for other pursuits. But the handsome bachelor Erik Steed isn't one to be deterred easily. A wealthy businessman and the new Little League coach for Tori's boys, Erik always works to make things go his way. That's a good trait when you're investigating what happened to your Missing-in-Action brother, but not when you're trying to impress an independent young widow. The two find themselves riding an emotional roller coaster between romance and reluctance. Erik is great with Tori's sons--but his self-serving attitude bothers her a lot. Erik, on the other hand, is intrigued by Tori's feistiness, but turned off by her stubbornness. Should they move on, or is it just a matter of working through the rough spots? Neither of them is sure. All they know is that in between bumping heads they've begun to open their hearts, and honestly, their prospective relationship frightens them. Especially because one of them is hiding an awful secret that could devastate them both.

Surrender of the heart /
ISBN: 1581340478. OCLC Number:

Crossway Books,. Wheaton, Ill. :. ©1999.

Kendall O'Reilly's life is just the way she wants it. But when Jade Zukowski enters the scene, everything begins to change -- and not all for the better. At least not initially.

After all these years /
ISBN: 0736920927. OCLC Number:

Harvest House Publishers,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2002.

"After all these years, the second book in The Other Way Home series, is a novel of old love reunited and new love discovered that demonstrates how the redeeming grace of God can touch the past and bring healing and mercy into present-day life."--Page 4 of cover.

Flash point /
ISBN: 0736913149. OCLC Number:

Harvest House Publishers,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2004.

Chicago paramedic Terri Schuman, a new Christian, willingly risks her life to save others, but she is unsure whether it is safe to risk her heart when she finds herself falling in love with firefighter Gabe Andrews.

In a heartbeat /
ISBN: 0736911693. OCLC Number:

Harvest House,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2004.

Teacher Rachel Goldberg, literally swept off her feet by Vic Koski, a Chicago firefighter who has come to speak to her students, finds herself losing faith in her husband and God after several years of marriage pass without her becoming pregnant.

Moment of truth /
ISBN: 0736913157. OCLC Number:

Harvest House Pub.,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2005.

Just when she thought she would never find a home ... It was waiting around the corner.

Castles in the sand /
ISBN: 0736913173. OCLC Number:

Harvest House Publishers,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2006.

When Kenzie Starr announces she is pregnant and that she and her boyfriend have no plans to marry, her parents' world comes to a screeching halt.

Just to see you smile /
ISBN: 0736920935. OCLC Number:

Harvest House,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2003.

Just to See You Smile is a tender story about faithfulness, hope, the unconditional love of Jesus, and the true meaning and beauty of semper fidelis (always faithful).

The winding road home /
ISBN: 0736920943. OCLC Number:

Harvest House,. Eugene, Or. :. ©2003.

While Kate Kilpatrick finds herself falling in love with Tanner Carlucci, her landlady, Adele Chandler, is surprised to find two men entering her life forcing to her make decisions that will alter her status as a single mom.

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