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Name:  Rachel Gies  

Pen Name: None



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Illinois Connection

Gies lives in St. Charles, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gies came to the US from the Netherlands in 1960 speaking very little English. She is now an author and writes a regular column for the St. Charles Examiner.

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Titles At Your Library

One size fits most: The funny side of "ordinary" life
ISBN: 0970996004

Fairburn Publishing. 2001

Book by Gies, Rachel

Captured Pearl
ISBN: 0970996012

Fairburn Publishing Corporation. 2004

1588 was a time of great struggle for England. The Spanish Armada was set to conquer the land. But men of great fortitude were ever ready to answer the Queen's call to protect their Motherland. Garrett Jaminson had served his Queen with no other thought until one night a mystery woman strayed into his path-a woman with no past and no memory. (There is a narriative CD that Accompanies this book).

The Darkness Within
ISBN: 0970996020

Fairburn Publishing. 2008

Kate Coleman and her brother Nick are being terrorized as they find out more about who may be after them after they lose their parents in a fatal car accident. Someone, or something, is playing cat and mouse with them as they unveil illegal business dealings and are constantly watched by a beast, waiting to be set free. As they get closer to the truth, they are in danger of becoming the beast's next victims. Terror and suspense explode on every page.

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