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General Information

Name:  Gary Pisarski  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1948 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Pisarski is a lifelong resident of Chicago and Northern Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Having had several poems and magazine articles published years ago, Pisarski rekindled to his story telling energy in his first book, ''Black River Crossing'', a historical novel.

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Titles At Your Library

Black River Crossing
ISBN: 1933449284

Nightengale Press. 2006

He survived the horrors of the Civil War. She endured the long wait. And after the last man had fallen, only one walked the road back to their South Carolina home. With the economy of the South in ruin and hope shattered in the void of silenced hearts, Will and Carol Ann headed westward in search of a new life, to find their lost dreams and escape the demons left behind. Beneath the crack of thunder under a gray Texas sky, fate would alter Carol Ann's life in a way she never imagined. That moment in destiny would stir the seeds of love and deception, changing the lives of those living on the Double-M ranch and beyond. This is the story of a woman of strength, of the people in her life, of the bonds of human relationships, and all that is threatened by the Black River Crossing. Take my hand and follow this young woman and those who come into and out of her life. Open your eyes to those who call out for the understanding they seek to ease their souls. Come with me bring Carol Ann home again.

After the Door Opened
ISBN: 1933449381

Nightengale Press. 2007

In the end, this was just another of the murders that occur in Chicago every day-one more sudden last breath resulting from lives meshing together, rubbing and bumping each other in the daily struggle to survive. This is the story of Frank McKay, a troubled detective laboring against the background of failure and mistakes in his own life. While he pursues the truth in the murder of Damon Grayson, unexpected opportunity tempts him to resolve his worries over money. Frank must decide whether salvaging what remains of the good cop he used to be is worth continuing the twisted financial torture in his life. And by the time you turn the last page, this story will make you ask the question: "What happened after the door opened?" Which human emotion is strong enough to push a person to kill? Love spurned? Betrayal? Money? Revenge? Hate? And just when you say "Ah, hah-I know," gaze into a mirror to look beyond the color of your eyes, and think again. Think again.



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