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Name:  Brian R. Smith  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1962 in Iowa

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Illinois Connection

For the last twenty years, Smith has resided in the Chicago suburbs. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Smith is an engineer and author.

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Titles At Your Library

Losing Innocence
ISBN: 1424100380

PublishAmerica. 2005

Losing Innocence is a story about betrayal, manipulation, and the ease with which innocence is lost. Lance and Mia are both single parents, both recovering from past abusive relationships, who meet on a blind date. Although neither shows much inclination toward marriage, both find themselves altering their perceptions about it. They find that the happiness they experience together is jeopardized due to Mia’s ex-husband, Jeff, and the influence he yields with the children. The children are a powerful pawn in the ex-husband’s scheme, which goes horribly wrong, leaving physical and emotional casualties. Losing Innocence explores the extent to which a person may be willing to go in an effort to achieve a goal or protect a way of life. It combines elements of romance and suspense and is designed to capture the imagination, as well as provoke thought.

The Bastard’s Plaything
ISBN: 1600020909

Airleaf Publishing. 2006

Raised by an occult worshipping, incestuous mother, a bastard son becomes a man only to carry on in his own sadistic torture undeniably honoring the mother he hates. In 1978, one man boiled over with sickness, working for the Burlington Northern Railroad, ravishing the farm girls of Western Illinois, while another man must sacrifice his beloved belief in family or sacrifice one of his own, thirteen year old, Jennie Grace. The Bastard’s Plaything shows you the wicked circle of abuse, progressing from generation to generation, if left unchecked it can become deadly. The circle could have been easily broken, saving innocent lives. One action, one event can change a person’s entire life, not just yours. Thirteen your old Jennie Grace is a survivor, a fighter, and her mind has no choice but to become just as strong in this emotionally charged, suspenseful, action packed novel.

The Tree
ISBN: 0978966309 2006

A young boy escapes the horrors of his daily life by finding shelter and protection under a giant tree outside of the small Iowa farm community of Gilman. Drugs, death and crime surround him, plaguing his every step as the boy struggles to become a man growing up with an abusive father and a mother who never wanted him, eventually forced to make it on his own. After twenty-five years of running from the demons he tried to leave behind in Gilman, he reluctantly returns as a man and faces the dreams that haunt him. The Tree brings you inside the devastation caused by physical and mental abuse, the lasting effect it can have even when overcome successfully, and finding closure in your own way.



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