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General Information

Name:  Webb Black Garrison  

Pen Name: Webb Garrison


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1919 in Covington, Georgia

Died: July 20, 2000

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Illinois Connection

Mr. Garrison was president of McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois, 1957-60.

Biographical and Professional Information

Garrison, formerly associate dean of Emory University and president of McKendree College, wrote more than 55 books, including ''Civil War Curiosities'' and'' Civil War Trivia and Fact Book''. Before his death in 2000, Garrison lived in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

Selected Titles At Your Library

A treasury of Civil War tales.
ISBN: 1558537163. OCLC Number: 42834147

Rutledge Hill ;. .

Amazing women of the Civil War /
ISBN: 1558537910. OCLC Number: 41476784

Rutledge Hill Press,. .

Celebrates the Civil War contributions and exploits of such women spies, soldiers, journalists, doctors, and nurses as Harriet Tubman, Belle Boyd, Elizabeth Van Lew, Lucy Hayes, and Pauline Cushman.

Civil War trivia and fact book /
ISBN: 1558531602. OCLC Number: 25410905

Rutledge Hill Press,. .

Provides answers to questions on the personalities, statistics, places, weapons, and events of the Civil War.

Creative minds in desperate times :
ISBN: 1558535446. OCLC Number: 37666364

Rutledge Hill Press,. .

More Civil War curiosities /
ISBN: 1558533664. OCLC Number: 33105061

. .

A collection of anecdotes and stories about ususual people, places, and events that occurred during the Civil War.

Strange battles of the Civil War /
ISBN: 158182226X. OCLC Number: 47844498

. .

In this engaging survey of twenty-three battles of the American Civil War, several of these peculiarities are highlighted. These intriguing tales include naval engagements, naval battles against land forces, cover-ups and scapegoats, unexpected combat, and military blunders.

The amazing Civil War :
ISBN: 1567313043. OCLC Number: 44027252

MJF Books,. .

The encyclopedia of Civil War usage :
ISBN: 1581822804. OCLC Number: 46578264

Cumberland House,. .

There are few systematic guides to the language used by the generation that fought the American Civil War. In the 150 years since the great conflict, our language has changed, and as meanings have become obscure or lost, links with this vibrant past have dissolved and much of that which had meaning to our forefathers no longer has the same meaning to us.

The unknown Civil War :
ISBN: 1581821220. OCLC Number: 44391586

Cumberland House,. .

True tales of the Civil War :
ISBN: 0517162660. OCLC Number: 43859582

Gramercy Books,. .

A collection of fifty-two true stories recounting unusual events of the Civil War era.