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General Information

Name:  Janet Piehl  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

The author lives in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Piehl grew up in Shorewood, Wisconsin, and attended Macalester College. She got her start as a writer working in the editorial department of Lerner. Janet liked the research aspect of writing and editing so much that she became a librarian. She has worked at the Wilmette, Illinois and Kenosha, Wisconsin public libraries and has written several children's books.

Published Works

    Harry Houdini (History Maker), Lerner, 2009Humvees (Pull Ahead Books), Lerner, 2005Let's Look At Sloth's (Lightning Bolt Books), Lerner, 2010Indy Race Cars (Motor Mania), Lerner, 2007Formula One Race Cars on the Move, Lerner, 2010Chattering Chipmunks , Lerner, 2005Let's look at Pigeons, Lerner, 2009Sanitation Workers (Pull Ahead Books), Lerner, 2006Forest Fires (Pull Ahead Books), Lerner, 2007Northern Lights, Lerner, 2008

Selected Titles At Your Library

Harry Houdini /
ISBN: 1580137059. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2009.

Profiles the life and career of the magician Harry Houdini.

Humvees /
ISBN: 0822528746. OCLC Number:

Lerner Pub. Co.,. Minneapolis :. ©2006.

Simple text and illustrations describe the Humvee and its uses by the United States military.

Let's look at sloths /
ISBN: 0761360425. OCLC Number:

Lerner,. Minneapolis :. ©2011.

Introduces sloths, describing their physical characteristics, habitat, life cycle, and predators.

Indy race cars /
ISBN: 0822568705. OCLC Number:

Lerner,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2007.

Discusses the Indy cars used in the largest race at Indianapolis, Indiana every May.

Formula one race cars :
ISBN: 0761361170. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications,. Minneapolis :. ©2011.

Text and photographs describe Formula One automobiles and discuss racing and safety.

Chattering chipmunks /
ISBN: 0822524392. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications,. Minneapolis :. ©2005.

Examines chipmunks, including their appearance, eating habits, predators, and habitats.

Let's look at pigeons /
ISBN: 1580138632. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications Co.,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2010.

Of the many kinds of pigeons this book focuses on Rock Pigeons.

Sanitation workers /
ISBN: 0822558092. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2006.

Describes the duties and responsibilities of sanitation workers, people who pick up trash.

Northern lights /
ISBN: 1580138705. OCLC Number:

Lerner Publications Co.,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2009.

Discover the answers to such questions as What causes the northern lights? where the northern lights are seen? and why the northern lights are so colorful?

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