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Name:  Robert Remini  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1921

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Illinois Connection

Robert V. Remini, is a professor emeritus of history and research professor emeritus of humanities who taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

On April 28, 2005, Remini was appointed the Historian of the United States House of Representatives.He is professor of history emeritus and research professor of humanities emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He won the National Book Award for the third volume of his study of Andrew Jackson, and he has also written biographies of Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, Martin van Buren, Joseph Smith and Daniel Webster.

Published Works

  • We the People, A History of the United States, Glencoe, 1975
  • The Revolutionary Age of Andrew Jackson, Harper, 1977
  • The Era of Good Feelings and the Age of Jackson, AHM, 1979
  • The Legacy of Andrew Jackson, Essays in Democracy, Indian Removal and Slavery, Louisiana State University Press, 1988
  • The Jacksonian Era, Harlan Davidson, 1989
  • Andrew Jackson, A Bibliography, Meckler, 1991
  • Henry Clay, Statesman for the Union, Norton, 1991
  • Daniel Webster, The Man and His Time, Norton, 1997
  • The Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson and America`s First Military Victory, Viking, 1999
  • The University of Illinos at Chicago, a Pictorial History, Arcadia, 2000
  • At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and the Compromise that Saved the Union, Basic Books, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

The revolutionary age of Andrew Jackson /
ISBN: 0061320749. OCLC Number:

. .

Andrew Jackson /
ISBN: 0786196610. OCLC Number:

Blackstone Audiobooks,. Ashland, OR :. ℗1994.

Henry Clay :
ISBN: 0393310884. OCLC Number:

W.W. Norton,. New York :. ©1991.

Among nineteenth-century Americans, few commanded the reverence and respect accorded to Henry Clay of Kentucky. As orator and as Speaker of the House for longer than any man in the century, he wielded great power, a compelling presence in Congress who helped preserve the Union in the antebellum period. Remini portrays both the statesman and the private man, a man whose family life was painfully torn and who burned with ambition for the office he could not reach, the presidency.--From publisher description.

Daniel Webster :
ISBN: 0393045528. OCLC Number:

W.W. Norton & Co.,. New York :. ©1997.

In this monumental new biography, Robert V. Remini gives us a full life of Webster from his birth, early schooling, and rapid rise as a lawyer and politician in New Hampshire to his equally successful career in Massachusetts where he moved in 1816. Remini treats both the man and his time as they tangle in issues such as westward expansion, growth of democracy, market revolution, slavery and abolitionism, the National Bank, and tariff issues. Webster's famous speeches are fully discussed as are his relations with the other two of the "great triumvirate", Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun. Throughout, Remini pays close attention to Webster's personal life - perhaps more than Webster would have liked - his relationships with family and friends, and his murky financial dealings with men of wealth and influence.

The University of Illinois at Chicago :
ISBN: 0738507067. OCLC Number:

Arcadia,. Charleston, S.C. :. ©2000.

At the edge of the precipice :
ISBN: 0465012884. OCLC Number:

Basic Books,. New York :. ©2010.

"At the Edge of the Precipice" is historian Robert V. Remini's fascinating recounting of the Compromise of 1850, a titanic act of political will that only a skillful statesman like Clay could broker. Although the Compromise would collapse ten years later, plunging the nation into civil war, Clay's victory in 1850 ultimately saved the Union by giving the North an extra decade to industrialize and prepare.


National Book Award in 1984 for

Andrew Jackson

Society of Midland Authors Award for

Henry Clay

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