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Name:  Gerald A. Danzer  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

The author resides in Itasca, Illinios.

Biographical and Professional Information

The Author is professor emeritus of History at the University of Chicago. He was a two time recipient of the James Harvey Robinson Award.

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Titles At Your Library

Atlas of World History
ISBN: 1577173279

New Line Books. 2003

This compact, accessible atlas will prove invaluable for students and families, as well as being a useful source of reference for the general reader.

McDougal Littell the Americans: Student Edition Grades 9-12 2003
ISBN: 0618108785



Maps in Context: A Workbook for American History, Volume I
ISBN: 0312434812

Bedford/St. Martin's. 2004

This skill-building workbook developed by an expert in historical cartography offers instructors a powerful tool to help their students comprehend the essential connections between geographic literacy and historical understanding. An excellent general resource, Maps in Context presents a wealth of map-centered projects and convenient pop quizzes that give students hands-on experience working with maps.

Illinois: A History in Pictures
ISBN: 0252032888

University of Illinois Press. 2011

Offering a rich and expansive history that extends far beyond the familiar anecdotes about Abraham Lincoln and the Great Chicago Fire, Illinois: A History in Pictures gathers drawings, engravings, photographs, maps, and other illustrations to inspire imaginations young and old to envision the history of Illinois in all its depth and breadth. Gerald A. Danzer distills the story of Illinois from these visual artifacts, exploring the state's history from its earliest peoples and their encounters with European settlers, through territorial struggles and the strife of the Civil War, and into the modern era of industry and urbanization.
More than one hundred images capture dramatic moments and illustrate the growth and changes in the Prairie State's history, from the settlement of its territories to the construction of homes, factories, and statehouses. Danzer pays special attention to the maps of Illinois, showing how the state's character and prosperity have been shaped by the Great Lakes and great rivers at its borders and by the roads and railroads built to connect its people.
Attending closely to the details of daily life, Illinois: A History in Pictures also focuses on notable people throughout the state's history, including the Ottawa chief Pontiac and the Sauk chief Black Hawk, pioneers of social justice Jane Addams and Mother Jones, sports heroes such as Red Grange, and of course American leaders Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Danzer connects personal and local experiences to national affairs and global perspectives, pointing to Illinois's diverse populations and culture in the new millennium.

Chicago in Maps: 1612-2002
ISBN: 0847827437

Rizzoli. 2005

Chicago in Maps is a luxuriously illustrated cartographic history of Chicago, known for centuries as the gateway city to the West. The powerful and evocative documents reproduced here offer an unprecedented avenue to the city's past-a fascinating collective portrait of the evolution of one of America's great towns. Among the seventy-four maps featured, many are seminal exemplars of this timeless art form: the "Kinzie Map," which accompanied the Narrative of the Massacre of 1812 the Rand McNally "View of the World's Columbian Exposition" of 1893 Daniel Burnham's influential "Chicago Plan" of 1909, which epitomized the ambitions of the City Beautiful Movement W. T. Stead's "Map of Sin" and Bruce-Roberts' 1931 "Gangland Map"-a tongue-in-cheek "exposť" of a city populated by such powerful underworld figures as Al Capone, "Baby Face" Nelson, "Machine Gun" Kelly, and others, indicating various gang territories and warehouses. Filled with fascinating historical anecdotes and detailed scholarship, Chicago in Maps is a work that will be highly prized by map lovers and history buffs alike. It is a sumptuous feast of glorious full-color reproductions of maps by the some of the world's most extraordinary cartographers.

People, Space and Time
ISBN: 0819152234

University Press of America. 1986

Uses the Chicago metropolitan area as a model to help students research, study and learn about their own communities. The curriculum materials developed in this volume provide students with a methodology for doing community studies. Teachers may select materials from eight units and adapt them for particular classroom needs. Co-published with the Chicago Metro History Fair. Winner of the American Historical Association's 1987 James Harvey Robinson Prize.

Land and People-a World Geography.
ISBN: 0673133117

Scott, Foresman and Company. 1979

America! America!
ISBN: 0673350134

Prentice Hall. 1985

Mapping American History: A Guide for Beginning Students
ISBN: 0673537684

Harpercollins College Div. 1991

Danzer, Gerald A.

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