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General Information

Name:  Pamela Kristan  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1947 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Pam lived in Norridge, Illinois until she graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1964 and went off to University of Wisconsin in Madison for 4 years. After that, she lived back in Norridge on & off until leaving in June of 1970 for University of Colorado in Boulder for two years. Then she lived mostly in Urbana Illinois from 1972 to 1974 when she moved to Maine where she stayed, until moving to Boston in 1978 where she still lives.

Biographical and Professional Information

Pamela Kristan is an author, teacher, and consultant.

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Titles At Your Library

The Spirit of Getting Organized: 12 Skills to Find Meaning and Power in Your Stuff
ISBN: 1590030249

Red Wheel/Weiser. 2003

On one level, The Spirit of Getting Organized is about sorting papers and using file folders. But, there's more to life than a neat office. After years in the field of professional organizing, Pamela Kristan realized that organizing was a doorway, an opportunity to find personal power and meaning.

Organizing is an intimate encounter with life's everyday details that has the power to engage us profoundly with our soul, with our world, and with the farthest reaching, grandest patterns of Nature. Rather than pulling us away from spiritual work with mundane chores, organizing can draw us into the cosmos.

Including pages for recording observations and exercise results, as well as a vast section of resources for developing order both internally and externally, The Spirit of Getting Organized can transform a dreadful chore like cleaning out your closet into an opportunity for an intimate encounter with your true self.

Awakening in Time: Practical Time Management for Those on a Spiritual Path
ISBN: 160844399X

Dog Ear Publishing, LLC. 2010

So many of us are on a spiritual path-we're cultivating presence, acknowledging our interconnections, assuming responsibility for our choices, and dropping old behavior patterns. Our spiritual awakening is happening in the midst of modern America where intense time pressure permeates the atmosphere, where there's no time for planning, priorities are out of whack, people constantly interrupt, and we're always putting out fires. Staying later, working more, or moving fasterwon't solve the dilemma. How do we live authentically in such an environment?
Awakening in Time helps you manage your time sustainably, infuse your life with spirit moment by moment, and contribute to your own evolution and that of the world. You shift from doing more and doing it faster to engaging fully and appropriately with life. Time management becomes a spiritual, creative adventure full of satisfaction and sovereignty for yourself, and service to the greater good of all.

Awakening In Time helps you take your life in hand, carefully and consciously, discovering new insights and trying out hands-on practices. You dig down to the root issues of Attention, Boundaries, and Choices-the ABCs of the new time management-where change has a better chance of taking hold and many of the surface problems resolve themselves.
For example, getting distracted is an issue of Attention. When we learn how to maintain internal focus while responding to what's happening around us, distractions are less compelling. Feeling torn between several demands is a matter of Boundaries. Setting appropriately firm yet flexible boundaries allows us to consider demands from both the outside and the inside. Having too much to do in too little time is an issue of Choice. When we learn how to choose what serves both ourselves and the greater good, we can let go of the rest. As we practice the ABCs, we create a life of richness, complexity, satisfaction and simplicity.

Speaking Engagements

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