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General Information

Name:  Linda R. Churchill  

Pen Name: N/A

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1938 in Evanston, Illinois

-- Linda R. Churchill on WorldCat --

Illinois Connection

Linda was born in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

While born and raised in Illinois, Churchill left for Colorado to attend college in 1956. She worked for the Greeley Public Library, Greeley, Colorado as an assistant, from 1958-61. In 1961 she began teaching history in the Colorado public schools and became the co-owner of ''Timberline Books''.

Speaking Engagements

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Presents over forty games for learning American history based on the television quiz show "Jeopardy," each consisting of four categories covering colonial life, politics, science and inventions, World War I, and many other topics. Includes an answer key.

Putting the movement back into civil rights teaching :
ISBN: 1878554182. OCLC Number: 55149344

Teaching for Change and the Poverty & Race Research Action Council,. .

Product Description: As one of the most commonly taught stories of people's struggles for social justice, the Civil Rights Movement has the capacity to help students develop a critical analysis of United States history and strategies for change. However, the empowering potential is often lost in a trivial pursuit of names and dates. Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching provides lessons and articles for classrooms and communities on how to go beyond a heroes approach to the Civil Rights Movement. The book includes interactive and interdisciplinary lessons, readings, writings, photographs, graphics, and interviews, with sections on education, economic justice, citizenship, culture, and reflections on teaching about the Civil Rights Movement. The book features lessons on the role of women in the Movement and makes connections to Chicano, Asian, Native American and international struggles for social justice.

Short lessons in U.S. history
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Formerly known as 'How This Nation Became Great, Short Lessons in U.S. History offers bite-sized, easy-to-use lessons that are student-friendly and relevant for today's student. Each short lesson includes map skills and biographies of U.S. leaders, as well as review quizzes and student-paced assessment. Updated sections include new challenges for the United States from 1955-1982, and a look at modern times through 1999--Page 4 of cover.

Short lessons in U.S. history :
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The bionic banana /
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