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General Information

Name:  Linda R. Churchill  

Pen Name: N/A

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1938 in Evanston, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Linda was born in Evanston, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

While born and raised in Illinois, Churchill left for Colorado to attend college in 1956. She worked for the Greeley Public Library, Greeley, Colorado as an assistant, from 1958-61. In 1961 she began teaching history in the Colorado public schools and became the co-owner of ''Timberline Books''.

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Titles At Your Library

The Bionic Banana
ISBN: 0440908523

Dell Publishing. 1986

45 Profiles in Modern Music (Blackline masters)
ISBN: 0825128536

J Weston Walch. 1996

45 Profiles in Modern Music (Blackline masters)

Understanding Our Economy
ISBN: 0825137705

J. Weston Walch. 1998

A basic, easy-to-read explanation of the American economic system, this worktext covers supply and demand the stock market money and banking credit, debt, and savings taxation personal and family finance the role of government in the economy the international economy and more. Activities, puzzles, quizzes, and charts help students understand such concepts as gross national product, per capita income, and purchasing power. Grades 6-12. Glossary. JWW7092.

You and the Law
ISBN: 0825137713

J. Weston Walch. 1998

Basic concepts of American law and the application of laws to everyday situations are the focus of this three-part worktext. Part 1 provides background on the legal process, Part 2 addresses a variety of legal problems teenagers may encounter, and Part 3 delves into headline-making issues of personal and family law, such as doctor-assisted suicide. Includes thought-provoking questions, exercises, follow-up activities, and tests. Answer key. Glossary. Grades 7-12. JWW902.

U.S. History Map Activities
ISBN: 0825143497

J. Weston Walch. 2002

These practical activity sheets are designed to help students acquire a geographical knowledge of events in U.S. history. Topics include early Indian cultures, early English settlements, the 13 colonies, the American Revolution, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, mining regions and cattle trails of the West, and World War II in the Pacific. Each activity sheet has an accompanying map on which students locate specific longitudes and latitudes, pinpoint important towns, and identify physical features that played a part in history. Answer key. JWW7461P.

American History Challenge!
ISBN: 0825143586

J. Weston Walch. 2002

From the exploration of the New World to the new millennium, this enjoyable game fashioned after the popular TV show will help reinforce important facts and dates. ""Answers"" and appropriate ""questions"" in more than 40 categories cover the people and events emphasized in junior and senior high U.S. history textbooks. The ""answers"" progress in difficulty so that students with varying levels of ability can play the game. Time: flexible. Players: any size class. Grades 7 and up. JWW372.

Short Lessons in U.S. History (Teachers Guide)
ISBN: 0825159571

J. Weston Walch. 2006

Supplement standard textbooks with high/low readings followed by activities that organize the basic events in American history into 78 manageable lessons. Starting with the landing of the Norse on the coast of Newfoundland, the readings introduce the 13 colonies, the Alamo, Abraham Lincoln, and Wilson and the League of Nations, and continue through events up to 2005. Major vocabulary words are indicated in bold print and defined in the margins. Maps, illustrations, activities, and review quizzes are included. The book is available in two formats: as a reproducible teacher's edition with an answer key (230 pages) or as a nonreproducible student text (222 pages) supplemented by a separate teacher's guide (44 pages) containing an answer key and reproducible maps. Reading level: grade 5. Interest level: grades 6-12 (JWW117)

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