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Theresa L. Goodrich

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Connection to Illinois: Goodrich lives in the Chicago suburbs.

Biography: Theresa Goodrich is an Emmy-winning author and content creator with a penchant for storytelling and a keen eye. Shes the founder and publisher of The Local Tourist and Your Chicago Guide, author of Living Landmarks of Chicago and the Two Lane Gems book series, and contributor to the Midwest Road Trip Adventures anthology. Shes a featured speaker for the Travel and Adventure Show and teaches the Midwest Travel Network Writers Workshop. Shes slightly obsessed with Chicago, history, and road trips. When shes not writing, speaking, or on the road, shes cooking and planning her next adventure.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Living Landmarks of Chicago
ISBN: 0960049576 OCLC: 1261642321

The Local Tourist 2021

Bringing Chicago's past to life, one landmark at a time. Living landmarks of Chicago goes beyond the what, when, and where to tell how and why of fifty Chicago landmarks. More than a book about architecture, these are stories of the people who made Chicago and many of its most popular tourist attractons what they are today.

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1: Turkeys are Jerks and Other Observations from an American Road Trip
ISBN: 096004955X OCLC: 1224127500

The Local Tourist 2019

Theresa Goodrich and her husband, Jim, drive 6,479.5 miles through thirteen states in this part travelogue and part travel memoir.

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 2: Bison are Giant and Other Observations from an American Road Trip
ISBN: 0960049533 OCLC: 1224127935

The Local Tourist 2018

Documents the author and her husband Jim's cross-country adventure through the American Northwest, from Chicago to Oregon.