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Deborah Bachrach

Born: N/A
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: N/A

Biography: N/A


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

Custer's last stand :
ISBN: 0899080774 OCLC: 21523572

Greenhaven Press, San Diego, Calif. : ©1990.

George Armstrong Custer remains one of the "stars" of American soldiery. On June 25, 1876, he led his men into battle against a great gathering of American Indians at the Little Big Horn River in Montana. By all odds, Custer should have won. Instead he and more than 200 of his men were massacred. What happened? How did the Indians defeat Custer?

Espionage /
ISBN: 1560061340 OCLC: 27034447

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1992.

Traces the history of spying and the issues it raises for present and future generations.

Margaret Sanger /
ISBN: 1560060328 OCLC: 27434881

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1993.

A biography of the woman who sacrified her personal life and health to pioneer safe and legal birth control in the United States and abroad.

Pearl Harbor :
ISBN: 0899080596 OCLC: 18351029

Greenhaven Press, San Diego, CA : ©1989.

Was the U.S. really caught by surprise on December 7, 1941, on Pearl Harbor? Why are new questions continually being raised about this supposedly straightforward incident?

The Charge of the Light Brigade /
ISBN: 1560064552 OCLC: 34746052

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1997.

Examines a part of the action of the Battle of Balaclava, one of the earlier and most important battles of the Crimean War.

The Crimean War /
ISBN: 1560063157 OCLC: 37398063

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1998.

A historical overview of the events leading up to, during, and after the Crimean War.

The inquisition /
ISBN: 1560062479 OCLC: 30516547

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1995.

Important dates in the history of the inquisition.

The Korean War /
ISBN: 1560064099 OCLC: 24009841

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1991.

Explains how America was involved in the Korean War and discusses its events and legacy.

The resistance /
ISBN: 1560060921 OCLC: 37254397

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1998.

Discusses the efforts of Jews and non-Jews in various countries to stop the deadly persecution of Germany's Jewish population by the Nazis.

The Spanish-American War /
ISBN: 1560064056 OCLC: 23687893

Lucent Books, San Diego, CA : ©1991.

Examines the historical and political background of the Spanish-American War, its major battles, and the ultimate effects of the American victory.