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Peter Kujawinski

Born: in Chicago
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Kujawinski was born in Chicago and while living in many different countries he lives there again today.

Biography: Peter Kujawinski was an American diplomat for eighteen years. He was on assignment in places like Israel, Haiti and France and at the United Nations in New York. Most recently, he was the U.S. Consul General in western Canada, which included Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. While working as a diplomat, he started to write for adults and children. He has contributed to the international edition of the ''New York Times'', and with co-author Jake Halpern, has written the ''Dormia'' trilogy.

  • '''''Nightfall'''''
  • -- Bestseller, New York Times
  • -- Bestseller, Indie
  • -- ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2017 '''''Edgeland'''''
  • -- Starred Review, Booklist, 2017

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Dormia /
ISBN: 0547328877 OCLC: 258767945

Houghton Mifflin, Boston : 2009.

After learning of his ancestral ties to Dormia, a hidden kingdom in the Ural Mountains whose inhabitants possess the ancient power of "wakeful sleeping," twelve-year-old Alfonso sets out on a mission to save the kingdom from destruction, discovering secrets that lurk in his own sleep.

ISBN: 0147517419 OCLC: 956959117

Orphaned Wren and her friend Alec live on Edgeland, where the dead are prepared for the afterlife, but when they are accidentally sucked into the Drain, they find something unimaginable.

Nightfall /
ISBN: 0399175806 OCLC: 898419365

"On a distant island where day and night exist on fourteen-year cycles, and the islanders migrate south each sunset, three children get left behind and must find a way off the island before the Night finds them"--

Shadow Tree /
ISBN: 1492211206 OCLC: 864014031

In the finale to the Dormia trilogy, the dreaded nursery rhyme comes to life at last as a dark Shadow Tree threatens to cause the world's end. But who will stop it? Alfonso is now an ageling, Resuza and Hill are slaves, Bilblox appears to be a traitor, and Leif is shipwrecked on the edge of a forbidding forest. An ancient prophecy states that the Tree can be destroyed, but the price must be paid in blood, and whoever tries faces certain death. Nonetheless, a hero must journey northward, across the great polar expanse, to Dargora, the mythical city built of ice and human bones. All hope rests on a hooded girl making a dangerous trek with a newborn baby, the only one who can change the course of fate.

World's End
ISBN: 9780547577197 OCLC: 694829997

Sandpiper/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston : [2012]

After learning that his presumed-dead father may still be alive, Alfonso Perplexon, now fifteen years old, takes on the dangerous task of returning to the land of Dormia to search for him.