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Larry Kanfer

Born: 1956 St. Louis, Mo.
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Kanfer is an award winning photographer who operates a gallery in Champaign.

Biography: Larry Kanfer earned a degree in architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an award-winning photographic artist whose original artwork is available through his galleries in Champaign, Illinois and on his website. His original artwork is featured in public and private collections nationally.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction; Photographer

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A prairie state of mind /
ISBN: 0252040333 OCLC: 946463167

Chicagoscapes /
ISBN: 0252034996 OCLC: 877367735

Opening Chicagoscapes places the reader amid the breathtaking grandeur and warm humanity of one of the world's great cities, a metropolis both lavish with its pleasures and as hard as weathered steel, a prairie bound Oz that demands commitment from those seeking its truths. Larry Kanfer and native Chicagoan Alaina Kanfer have captured authentic moments that invite the viewer into pocket universes achieved in collaboration between an acclaimed photographic artist and the living world. From the deep blues of Lake Michigan to imposing winter cityscapes, from awe inspiring skyscrapers to corner hot dog joints, and from the lakefront chess obsessives to Maxwell Street's indefatigable vendors, Larry Kanfer brings the mesmerizing sensibility acclaimed in his collections Prairiescapes and On Firm Ground to illuminate the subtleties of mood and forces of nature that make Chicago a city unlike any other.

Illini loyalty :
ISBN: 0252083628 OCLC: 1004762594

On firm ground :
ISBN: 0252075870 OCLC: 213451296

University of Illinois Press ; Urbana, Ill. : 2008.

On second glance :
ISBN: 0252019687 OCLC: 25551120

University of Illinois Press, Urbana : ©1992.

Without the evident drama of treacherous glaciers or mountain peaks, the midwestern landscape may - on first glance - appear commonplace. But those who look again will find an uncommon beauty as eloquent as that of the highest waterfall. With this distinctive collection of photographs, Larry Kanfer uncovers anew the drama of the prairie's changing skies and seasons and celebrates the serene dignity of the Midwest. "Elsewhere there are physical changes," states Kanfer.

On this island :
ISBN: 0670831751 OCLC: 21116765

Viking Studio Books, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : 1990.

Postcards from the prairie :
ISBN: 0965220427 OCLC: 36597477

L. Kanfer Gallery, Champaign, Ill. : ©1996.

Prairiescapes :
ISBN: 0252014820 OCLC: 16085821