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Joe Garner

Born: in Central Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Garner lived in Macomb, Illinois.

Biography: Joe Garner is an author and former radio executive who resides in Los Angeles. Garner spent twenty years working in the radio industry, with over ten of those years employed as an executive with the Westwood One radio network. He contributed to the creation and production of numerous audiobooks for Simon & Schuster. He presides over an entertainment production company, Garner Creative Concepts, in Los Angeles. In recent years, Garner has become an author of historical books, both traditional and multimedia. He wrote the book ''We Interrupt This Broadcast'' in 1998, a work that combines words, pictures and audio by including compact discs containing news clips from notable historical events from radio and television. Subsequent editions of this book have been released, most recently in 2008.

  • '''''Stay Tuned'''''
  • -- New York Times Bestseller
  • -- USA Today Best-seller

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

100 yards of glory :
ISBN: 0547547986 OCLC: 694829983

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston : 2011.

"The Immaculate Reception. The Ice Bowl. The Music City Miracle. The Catch. For nearly a century, the National Football League has provided fans with pulse-pounding moments on the gridiron. In the tradition of their revolutionary collaboration, And the Crowd Goes Wild, veteran chronicler of broadcast history, Joe Garner, and broadcast icon, Bob Costas team up to bring fans this one-of-a-kind compendium of NFL history--a lavishly illustrated hardcover book, with gripping text and archival photographs, as well as an original 10-part documentary, produced by an Emmy-Award winning team, hosted by the inimitable Costas and featuring official NFL video highlights. From the great dynasties to the improbable catches, the legendary coaches to the heroic QBs, the most incredible comebacks to the most notorious flubs, 100 Yards of Glory relives--in text and video--the most unforgettable moments in the game. Also available as an enhanced ebook, 100 Yards of Glory is a must have for any football fan"--

And the crowd goes wild! :
ISBN: 1402200315 OCLC: 50843733

Sourcebooks ; Naperville, Ill. : 2003.

And the fans roared :
ISBN: 1570715823 OCLC: 44509368

Sourcebooks, Naperville, Ill. : ©2000.

Tells the stories of forty-three memorable moments in sports history, and features two CDs, narrated by sports journalist Bob Costas, that contain the actual broadcasts of the announcers who were calling the events.

Echoes of Notre Dame football :
ISBN: 157071763X OCLC: 46866328

Sourcebooks MediaFusion, Naperville, IL : ©2001.

Includes 2 discs containing segments of historical broadcasts.

Heroes, legends-- dads :
ISBN: 0740741780 OCLC: 829163820

Andrews McMeel Pub., Kansas City, Mo. : ©2005.

Behind many of today's top athletes are exemplary parents who inspired and motivated them to succeed. This DVD and book collection captures behind-the-scenes stories, moments, and memories about remarkable male and female sports stars of today-and their equally remarkable dads. With the help of their fathers, the athletes featured in Heroes, Legends ... Dads have made those wildest dreams reality. Containing video and audio clips interspersed with fascinating first-hand stories, each of these eight profiles captures the close-knit bond between father and child. Each multimedia chapter culminates with a defining moment from the athlete's career that he or she shares with their father. The father and child profiles include: * Ned and Dale Jarrett* Bobby and Barry Bonds* Doug and Jennie Finch* Joel and Oscar De La Hoya* Archie and Peyton Manning* Bill and Luke Walton* Ken and Ken Griffey Jr.* Bob and Brian GrieseEach chapter's corresponding DVD features archival footage that illustrates the seminal moments in the lives and careers of the featured athlete.

Jeff Gordon :
ISBN: 1603803963 OCLC: 949865928

A biography of the four-time champion racing legend details his childhood, much-publicized divorce, relationship with contemporaries, and life after racing.

Life is like a box of chocolates-- and other motherly wisdom from the movies :
ISBN: 0740741799 OCLC: 829169011

Andrews McMeel Pub., Kansas City, Mo. : ©2005.

Joe Garner delivers history and biographical compilations unmatched in the publishing industry today. In this heartwarming book, Garner uses his trademark talents to honor mothers and motherhood. Art mirrors life, and in so doing it wonderfully reflects some of the images we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. Motherhood, for instance, has been celebrated by gifted filmmakers and talented actresses throughout motion picture history, and now Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates ... captures this noblest of callings and celebrates motherhood. Joe Garner explores the special people, events, and influences of our lives. His work in Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates ... is no exception, as Garner taps memorable moments from films such as Terms of Endearment and Risky Business to honor the themes of unconditional love, tenderness, forgiveness, respect, and numerous other maternal attributes. Actresses ranging from Sally Field in Forrest Gump to Lainie Kazan in My Big Fat Greek Wedding portray the wide range of emotions and strengths that real-life mothers possess and their children rely upon. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates ... blends famous quotations, poignant movie dialogue, and evocative still photography in a meaningful salute to motherhood. What a wonderful tribute ... what a treasured gift package this one will become.

Made you laugh! :
ISBN: 0740746952 OCLC: 55939485

Andrews McMeel Pub., Kansas City : ©2004.

What better way to recognize and honor America's funniest moments and greatest laugh artists than an insightful, anecdote-laden multimedia presentation that allows readers and viewers to fully experience the sharpest comedians throughout broadcast and film history. That's exactly what Made You Laugh! offers, as author Joe Garner applies his magic touch to one of America's most treasured forms of entertainment. Joe's insightful text, original videotaped interviews, and choicest clips from radio, comedy variety shows, sitcoms, stand-up routines, and classic films instantly remind readers of some of the most fun-filled times of their lives. It shows why they love to laugh-and why a great joke is a thing of lasting beauty, at least until the next side-splitter comes along. The book is divided into three main sections: "The Funniest Moments from Radio and Television," "The Funniest Stand-up Moments," and "The Funniest Movie Moments." Chapters throughout give readers a hearty chuckle while providing rare behind-the-scenes glimpses into favorite entertainers and their work, complete with firsthand memories from the comedians, writers, and producers who were there. The accompanying DVD, hosted by a major comedy talent, includes the actual audio/film clips of the particular memorable moment along with original videotaped and archival interviews. It all adds up to one seriously successful look at the world of laughs! The film's format is DVD.

Now showing :
ISBN: 0740738364 OCLC: 52269642

Andrews McMeel Pub., Kansas City, MO : ©2003.

A celebration of unforgettable moments on the big screen focuses on twenty-five memorable film moments from such cinematic treasures as "Casablanca," "Pulp Fiction," and "E.T."

  Speed, guts, & glory :
ISBN: 9781599955902 OCLC: 847845850

Warner Books, New York : 2006.

Captures the exciting finishes, the terrifying crashes, and the heartbreaking tragedies of the uniquely American popular sport of stockcar racing.--Provided by the publisher.

Stay tuned :
ISBN: 0740726935 OCLC: 60671579

Andrews McMeel Pub., Kansas City, Mo. : ©2002.

Over 50 years of memories, the stars, the programs, and the events stored in hearts and imaginations like treasured heirlooms, are found in this new multimedia book from veteran New York Times bestselling author Garner. In Stay Tuned, he has gathered 36 landmark moments from news, sports, and entertainment in a riveting anthology. Includes 1 DVD and 2 audio CDs. Highlights the most notable entertainment, news, and sports events in television history, from an I Love Lucy episode and Nixon's Checkers speech to Tiger Woods' first Masters victory and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

We interrupt this broadcast :
ISBN: 1570719748 OCLC: 166315977

Sourcebooks MediaFusion, Naperville, Ill. : ©2002.

Recounts the details of forty-three significant events of the twentieth century, each with from-the-scene photographs; and features two compact discs that contain over two hours of audio from the events as they were broadcast live.

  We interrupt this broadcast :
ISBN: 9781402213199 OCLC: 209793043

Sourcebooks MediaFusion, Naperville, Ill. : ©2008.

Recounts the details of forty-six significant events of the twentieth century, each with photographs from the scene; and features three compact discs that contain over two hours of audio from the events as they were broadcast live.