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Angie Michelle James

Born: 1969 in Monroe, Louisiana
Pen Name: Angie MeShelle, Angielic MeShelle

Connection to Illinois: James moved to Illinois with her family in 1976. She has lived in Phoenix, Harvey, Markham and South Holland. She has worked in Harvey for almost 20 years as a preschool teacher. She attended Taft Elementary School, and graduated from 6th grade there, moving on to Coolidge Junior High School, graduating 8th grade and moving on to attend both Thornridge and Thornton High schools, graduating from Thornton. From there she attended and graduated from South Suburban College (formerly Thornton Community College). Later she graduated also from National Louis University with two bachelors degrees.

Biography: Angie Michelle James is a single, divorced mother of four children. She has two bachelors degrees, one in psychology and one in early childhood education. Presently, she is working on her 04 teaching certificate. She also has an associate degree in social work. James has been writing for over thirty years. She will be returning to school to pursue her masters degree. She worked for Head Start for almost 20 years and is currently a director of an infant care center for teenage parents in Harvey, Illinois.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Children

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Selected Titles

I Can Too
ISBN: 9781504919951 OCLC: 957584982

This book is a teaching tool about children with disabilities. This book helps young children see that when a child has a disability or limitation, that child can do some of the same things that they can do. I hope this book helps young children gain respect and understanding for children who do not look or act like them.

  I can too /
ISBN: 1504919947 OCLC: 946091101

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN : ©2015.

This book is a teaching tool about multicultural children with disabilities.

Poetry of pain, passion, power, and praise /
ISBN: 1470152290 OCLC: 870902318

From the harsh realities of physical and emotional pain to the healing hand of God, Poetry of Pain, Passion, Power, and Praise is the collection of powerful, authentic poetry by Angie Michelle James that explores four powerful emotions, each of which starts with the letter "P" and crystallizes the role each plays in shaping our lives. At once dramatic and stirringly sensitive, these poems come together to guide readers through an emotional journey that is designed to bring about positive change. Through meditations on pain, passion, power, and praise, the poems create a path that can also serve as a vital process for healing. The book examines the experience of pain; the passion that is vital to change that pain; the power that any individual must find to change; and, finally, the praise that accompanies the feels of gratitude for positive change. In the Pain section, "Silent Screams" exposes the social epidemic of child abuse, which often goes unheard, as a young girl repeatedly endures assaults at the hands of men who are disturbingly close to home. In the Passion segment, the poem entitled "What drives your passion?" mines the motivations that live within each of us, whether we are driven by power, fame, or winning. "I didn't give up," a poem within the Power section of the book, lists the fierce obstacles that stand in the narrator's way, which include epilepsy, poverty, and unemployment, offering inspiration to others who may face circumstances that seem impossible to overcome. And in the deeply spiritual Praise portion of the book, the rousing poem, "From Suicide to Success," reveals the power of God to transform a near tragedy into a meaningful life. Through rhyming verse that guides readers through a broad spectrum of the emotionally complex human experience, these raw, yet redemptive poems offer healing, insight, and catharsis for both young adults and adults who are looking for a brighter way.