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David Marusek

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: He lived in Villa Park, Illinois.

Biography: David Marusek is an author who was born in Buffalo, New York but lived various places in youth. He has lived in Alaska since 1973. Marusek worked as a graphic designer for about twenty years and for eleven years he also taught graphic design at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He became serious about a writing career around 1986; success began soon after he attended Clarion West in 1992.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

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Selected Titles

Counting heads /
ISBN: 0765317540 OCLC: 182574107

Tor, New York : 2007.

On a twenty-second-century Earth where life expectancy has increased to span centuries and robots perform most of society's work, a ragtag ensemble of unlikely heroes join forces to save the frozen living head of an assassinated leading citizen's daughter, who represents humanity's only protection against a genocide plot by wealthy immortals.

Mind over ship
ISBN: 9781429952842 OCLC: 865171848

Tor, New York : 2013.

The year is 2135, and the international program to seed the galaxy with human colonies has stalled as greedy, immoral powerbrokers park their starships in Earth's orbit and begin to convert them into space condos. Ellen Starke's head, rescued from the fiery crash that killed her mother, struggles to regrow a new body in time to restore her dead mother's financial empire. And Pre-Singularity AIs conspire to join the human race just as human clones, such as Mary Skarland and her sisters, want nothing more than to leave it. Welcome to Mind Over Ship, the sequel to Marusek's stunning debut novel, Counting Heads, which Publishers Weekly called ferociously smart, simultaneously horrific and funny. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

Mind over ship /
ISBN: 0765317494 OCLC: 245536517

Tor, New York : 2009.

In a twenty-second-century world around which greedy power brokers are establishing space condos, a woman struggles to regenerate from a devastating accident, artificial intelligences endeavor to join the human race, and a group of sisters plans to leave the planet.