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Jan Gleiter

Born: 1947 in Wisconsin
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Jan lives in Chicago.

Biography: Jan Gleiter was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Northern Virginia. She began writing children's books in the 1980s and branched out into adult fiction in the mid-90s. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, and currently works in the field of educational publishing, specializing in assessment and language arts.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children; Children

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Selected Titles

A house by the side of the road
ISBN: 9781466888920 OCLC: 899211784

Someone in a peaceful Pennsylvania town has a brutal murder on his conscience......but who and why remain a mystery⁰́₄ until Meg Kessinger moves in. The house she's inherited from an aunt is dilapidated, but she adores it⁰́₄ and sets about restoring it with the help of a hunky, laid-back lawyer; a handsome, witty artist; and the secretive husband of her new girlfriend down the road. But soon Meg's rustic rhapsody is blighted by telltale traces of an unseen intruder's search for...what? Her determination to piece together rumors about the sexpot who lived there before her, and the convenient death of an old lady with a twitchy heart, will drag her into a perilous undertow of greed, cunning, and desperation that could turn her dream house into a waking nightmare...

A house by the side of the road /
ISBN: 0312966938 OCLC: 41169633

St. Martin's Paperbacks, New York : 1999, ©1998.

  Benito Juárez /
ISBN: 0811467597 OCLC: 30964053

Steck-Vaughn, Austin, TX : ©1993.

A biography of the Mexican president who during his tenure in office separated church and state, established religious tolerance, and made the land distribution system more equitable.

Lie down with dogs
ISBN: 0312961758 OCLC: 36915181

St. Martin's Paperbacks, New York, N.Y. : 1997, ©1996.

Lie down with dogs /
ISBN: 0312140037 OCLC: 33166484

St. Martin's Press, New York : 1996.

In the woods near Chicago, Robert Cooper encounters a boy and his guardian running from men trying to kill them. He puts them up in his house and proceeds to solve the puzzle: why did the boy's father leave him in the woman's care without giving a reason?

  Seaside adventure
ISBN: 0817227431 OCLC: 15312885

Raintree Childrens Books, Milwaukee : ©1987.

A teddy bear family spends an exciting day in and out of the water at the beach.

Simón Bolívar /
ISBN: 0817229027 OCLC: 18779604

Raintree Publishers, Milwaukee : ©1989.

A biography of "El Libertador," whose victories over the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.