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George N. Kulles

Born: December 12, 1926 in Peoria, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Kulles was born in Peoria, Illinois and has lived in East Moline, Rock Island and Chicago, Illinois. He currently resides in Homer Glen, Illinois.

Biography: Kulles was born in Peoria and moved to East Moline, Illinois. Honorably discharged from the US Army, he attended Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois where he received his Bachelor Degree. He moved back to Chicago and earned his Masters Degree from DePaul University, then took post-graduate classes at Loyala University and at the University of Chicago. His interest in antiques have led him to a secondary career - conserving, appraising, writing and lecturing about antique glass paperweights. Kulles is also a violinist and has played in several symphony orchestras and is currently first violinist of the Allegro String Quartet.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fictional History; Non-Fiction Antique Glass

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Identifying antique paperweights :
ISBN: 0933756453 OCLC: 51489966

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Identifying antique paperweights :
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Identifying antique paperweights :
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The curse of the imperial paperweights /
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Wheel of God :
ISBN: 9781590805107 OCLC: 190773605

Echelon Press, Laurel, MD : ©2007.

The year is 1723. Vittorio Ceruti, a young apprentice to a violinmaker, openly espouses the Doge's overthrow. Captain Morelli is charged with the apprehension of Vittorio, who does not know that Morelli lost an ear during a crossing of swords with Vittorio's father and is now wanting to avenge his mutilation.