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Julie Beard

Born: N/A
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: *Worked in Chicago at WFLD-TV

Biography: Julie was a reporter and a newswriter for ten years before turning her writing skills to more creative venues. She also loves to teach and has given dozens of workshops and lectures around the country at community colleges, bookstores and writers conferences. As for her fiction credits, Julie has written 10 best-selling novels and novellas.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction & Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A dance in heather
ISBN: 0425164241 OCLC: 39111511

Berkley Books, New York : ©1998.

A dance in heather /
ISBN: 0515118737 OCLC: 34727703

Jove Books, New York : ©1996.

Falcon and the sword /
ISBN: 0515120650 OCLC: 36822523

Jove Books, New York : ©1997.

Kiss of the blue dragon
ISBN: 9781426851230 OCLC: 604045554

Silhouette Books, New York, NY : ©2004.

Angel Baker isn't your ordinary twenty-second-century gal. Just ask mom. Instead of joining the family fortune-telling business, Angel's busy saving the world. And dating? Why bother when she's got Humphrey Bogart, her sweettalking robot. Welcome to Chicago circa 2100. The legal system is in shambles, robots are a woman's best friend, and kung fu fighting Retribution Specialists like Angel bring justice to criminals who've slipped through the cracks. So when dear old Mom is kidnapped, it's up to Angel to save her. But when her search leads her into a bizarre underworld where human life is measured in dollars, she'll be put to the ultimate test--forced to use her hidden psychic powers and rely on the help of a stubborn detective who has her reconsidering falling for a living, breathing man.

Kiss of the blue dragon /
ISBN: 0373513194 OCLC: 56318378

Silhouette, New York, NY : ©2004.

Lady and the wolf /
ISBN: 042516425X OCLC: 39069164

Berkley Books, New York : ©1998.

Midnight angel
ISBN: 9780425194393 OCLC: 53474679

Berkley Sensation, New York : 2003.

Lady Lydia Beaumont may seem like the perfect lady, but she has a secret that could destroy her flawless reputation. She spends her nights disguised as a man, prowling through London's seediest parts to save unfortunate women from the dangers of the streets. But when a fourteen-year-old girl is kidnapped, she has no choice but to turn to the one man who nearly ruined her life.

  Moĭ prekrasnyĭ lord :
ISBN: 5170144040 OCLC: 950417283

My fair lord /
ISBN: 0425174816 OCLC: 44409072

Berkley Books, New York : ©2000.

To hold onto her inheritance, Caroline must marry. But getting a husband isn't easy, because her estate is haunted by Lord Hamilton. Desperate, she marries a rake from one of the worst criminal districts in London. As she falls in love with him, she wonders if he is possessed by the ghost.

  Polunochnyĭ angel :
ISBN: 5170396619 OCLC: 136941939

AST : Moskva : 2007.

Romance of the rose /
ISBN: 0425163423 OCLC: 39018774

Berkley Books, New York : 1998.

Beautiful, quick-tempered Lady Rosalind Carberry is determined to rule Thornbury House--her inheritance--as a free and single woman. But when her childhood nemesis, the handsome Drake Rothwell, returns to claim the estate as his rightful inheritance, the Rose of Thornbury is ready to fight for what is hers. But she doesn't expect their merry battle to result in the temptation to surrender a much more precious territory to this handsome rogue--her heart!

The duchess' lover /
ISBN: 0515132772 OCLC: 49359147

Jove Books, New York : ©2002.

Oliva, the newly widowes Duchess of Brandhurst, falls in love with gardner/artist Will Barnes, despite the unwritten laws of Victorian society.

The maiden's heart /
ISBN: 0515125156 OCLC: 41358036

Berkley Books, New York : 1999.

A dashingly handsome knight errant agrees to marry a baron's daughter sight unseen. But his new bride is as beautiful as an angel--and just as chaste. Her plan to stay that way, however, will drive them both to the edge of desire--and danger.

Very truly yours /
ISBN: 0515130397 OCLC: 46691342

Jove Books, New York : ©2001.