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Tricia Brown

Born: in
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Brown was born and raised in the Chicago area.

Biography: Tricia Brown is an author, editor, journalist and book developer. She has written more than twenty-five titles, among them seven children's picture books, all of them on Alaska subjects. Her work has been nationally honored for compassionate, insightful depictations of Alaska natives and for children's literature. She holds a Bachelor's degree in journalism and a Master of Fine Arts degree.Tricia first moved north to Alaska from the Chicago area in 1978. For the next twenty-one years, she was the founding editor of ''Heartland'', the Sunday magazine of the ''Fairbanks Daily News-Miner'', wrote for the ''Anchorage Daily News'', and later edited the popular ''Alaska'' magazine before entering book publishing in 1996. For five years, she was acquisitions editor for Alaska Northwest Books and WestWinds Press, a job that took her to Portland, Oregon. Tricia's editing and contribution credits include dozens of print and/or enhanced e-books on dog mushing, Alaska Native cultures, Alaska travel, and the frontier lifestyle. In addition, national publishers have asked her to help develop their books on gardening, self-help, autobiography, and other genre. These books include: Discovery Travel Adventure's ''Alaskan Wilderness'', Alaska Geographic's ''Native Cultures in Alaska: Looking Forward, Looking Back'', ''Lessons My Sled Dog Taught Me: Humor & Heartwarming Tails from Alaska's Mushers'', ''Sled Dog Wisdom: Humorous and Heartwarming Tales of Alaska's Mushers'', ''Fresh Air in the Attic: Welcome Makeovers for 7 Classic Quilts'', ''Moose Views'', and ''The Alaska Almanac: Facts About Alaska, 22nd Edition''.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children

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Selected Titles

Alaska homesteader's handbook:
ISBN: 9780882409856 OCLC: 960027213

Alaska Northwest Books 2015.

Alaskan night before Christmas
ISBN: 9781589805545 OCLC: 191763242

Pelican Pub. Co., Gretna, La. : 2008.

A self-centered caribou named Kotzebue, on a mission to get some recognition and prove that reindeer do not pull Santa's sleigh, ends up losing his spot and learning an important lesson.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog :
ISBN: 1943328366 OCLC: 919342709

Bobbie the Wonder Dog was a scotch collie mix who was lost on a family trip from Oregon to Indiana and walked all the way home, nearly 3000 miles and six months to the day he was lost, to the people he loved.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog :
ISBN: 1943328374 OCLC: 946106062

Bob was an average-looking collie puppy in every way, except for his bobbed tail . . . and maybe that's why the Brazier family named him Bob, or Bobbie. But he was average in no other way. In 1923, Bobbie joined Frank and Elizabeth Brazier for a cross-country drive from Silverton, Oregon, to Indiana, Frank's home state, where they planned to visit family. During a stop in Indiana, Bobbie was chased off by loose dogs, and after a week of searching and placing newspaper ads, the broken-hearted Braziers had to give up and start the drive home. Six months to the day after he was lost in Indiana, a very thin Bobbie was spotted on a Silverton sidewalk, his coat matted, his paws raw from wear. Unbelievable as it seemed, the three-year-old dog had WALKED almost 2,800 miles to get back home. Though weak and tired, Bobbie went berserk with joy when he was reunited with his family, and from that day, all of their lives changed. In the weeks and months that followed, his story tore across the country in newspapers and even in a hardcover collection of pet stories. He was the main attraction at an Oregon home-builders convention in Portland, where thousands lined up to pet him, and he starred in a short feature film. Also, the Braziers eventually heard from people along Bobbie's homeward-bound route, places where he'd stopped long enough to recoup, and then he was gone again. These stories verified their thinking. Bobbie had done the impossible. When Bobbie died, he was buried in Portland, Oregon, by the Oregon Humane Society. Rin Tin-Tin was there to lay a wreath at his funeral, which was officiated by the mayor of Portland. This incredible story is all true, and the origins of Lassie Come Home are said to be traced to the story of Bob of Silverton, also known as Bobbie, the Wonder Dog, a Scotch collie mix.

Charlie and the blanket toss /
ISBN: 1941821073 OCLC: 873985563

Charlie, an Inupiat boy, is excited about the upcoming festival to celebrate a successful whale hunt, but afraid when he thinks this might be the year he takes part in the traditional blanket toss. Includes glossary and notes on Inupiat whaling traditions.

Children of the midnight sun :
ISBN: 0882405004 OCLC: 37705325

Alaska Northwest Books, Anchorage : ©1998.

Photographs and text present the experiences and way of life of Tlingit, Athabascan, Yupik, and other Native American children in the villages, cities, and bush areas of Alaska. For Native children, growing up in Alaska today means dwelling in a place where traditional practices sometimes mix oddly with modern conveniences. "Children of the Midnight Sun" explores the lives of eight Alaskan Native children, each representing a unique and ancient culture. This extraordinary book also looks at the critical role elders play in teaching the young Native traditions.

Fairbanks :
ISBN: 0882405284 OCLC: 42682776

Alaska Northwest Books, Portland, OR : ©2000.

Groucho's eyebrows /
ISBN: 088240556X OCLC: 52086287

Alaska Northwest Books, [Anchorage, AK] : ©2003.

Even though she makes fun of his silly eyebrows, Kristie loves her cat, Groucho, so when he disappears on a snowy night in the wilds of Alaska she worries about everything that could happen to him.

  Groucho's Eyebrows :
ISBN: 1299605621 OCLC: 843332316

Alaska Northwest Books, 2013.

ISBN: 9781439642375 OCLC: 983835302

For sled dog-racing fans worldwide, the most important calendar day is the first Saturday in March, when teams convene for the start of mushing's Superbowl--the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®. Every year, as it has since 1973, this ultimate challenge begins in the state's most populated city, Anchorage, and then dives into the Alaska Bush on a historic trail that wends over mountain ranges, along frozen rivers, and onto the Bering Sea ice. The finish line lies 1,000-plus miles away in Nome, beneath a giant, burled archway. There, dogs and their drivers are greeted by masses of locals, vacationing fans, officials, media, and other mushers who intimately know what that team has just endured. To simply finish is the goal for entrants; to win is the accomplishment of a rare few. Indeed, more people have climbed Mount Everest than have finished the Iditarod®--

Iditarod country :
ISBN: 0945397666 OCLC: 38969064

Epicenter Press, Kenmore, WA : 1998.

Introduction to some of the places and faces along the Iditarod Trail.

Iditarod fact book :
ISBN: 0974501492 OCLC: 82369090

Epicenter Press, Kenmore, WA : ©2006.

The Iditarod Fact Book is jam-packed with fascinating facts and figures about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Updated following the 2006 race, this handy guide includes facts on race champions, volunteers, sleds and gear, checkpoints, mushers' clothing, the expense of running the race, inherent dangers on the trail, entry requirements, food for the dogs and drivers, race history, pronunciations, mandatory layovers, love for the dogs, mountain passes and weather, strategies, vet care, full text of the official rules, and more. Included are 20 b&w photos by official Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz and many illustrations by official Iditarod artist Jon Van Zyle, a member of the Iditarod Hall of Fame.

Musher's night before Christmas /
ISBN: 1589808436 OCLC: 567099911

Pelican Pub., Gretna, La. : 2011.

When Nome, Alaska, is snowed in on Christmas Eve, Santa enlists the aid of a dog musher who lives on the Iditerod Trail. Includes facts about Alaska and dog sled racing.

Patsy Ann of Alaska :
ISBN: 1570616973 OCLC: 663953017

Sasquatch Books/Paws IV Children's Books, Seattle, WA : ©2011.

Recounts the story of Patsy Ann, a purebred white bull terrier who was born deaf and did not want to stay at home or wear a collar, lived in the port of Juneau, Alaska, from 1929 to 1942, and greeted all incoming ships.

  Silent storytellers of Totem Bight State Historical Park /
ISBN: 0930931971 OCLC: 319602626

Alaska Geographic Association, Anchorage : 2009.

  St. Helens
ISBN: 9781467133418 OCLC: 907161538

The Alaska homesteader's handbook :
ISBN: 0882408119 OCLC: 798110549

Alaska Northwest Books, Portland : ©2012.

"The Alaska Homesteader's Handbook is a remarkable compilation of practical information for living in one of the most impractical and inhospitable land-scapes in the United States."--Back cover.

The itchy little musk ox
ISBN: 1941821987 OCLC: 952108805

Although his mother urges patience, a young musk ox who cannot wait for his skin to stop itching wanders away from the herd to find anything with which he can scratch, and meets three other creatures who teach him about his strengths.

The itchy little musk ox /
ISBN: 0882406140 OCLC: 65978465

Alaska Northwest Books, Anchorage : ©2007.

Although his mother urges patience, a young musk ox who cannot wait for his skin to stop itching wanders away from the herd to find anything with which he can scratch, and meets three other creatures who teach him about his strengths.

  The world-famous Alaska Highway :
ISBN: 9781555917494 OCLC: 667213084

Fulcrum Pub., Golden, Colo. : ©2011.

The Alaska Highway--or the Alcan--is a portal to some of the most beautiful places in North America. With full-color maps and photos, this comprehensive guidebook includes details on trip preparation; considerations along the way; places to hike, bike, fish, and boat; attractions and festivals; and Alaska's famed wildlife.

Wild Alaska :
ISBN: 0898865832 OCLC: 41319853

The Mountaineers, Seattle : ©1999.

  Zig :
ISBN: 069268607X OCLC: 963259863

Husky Homestead, Denali Park, Alaska : 2016.

Zig is the princess of the dog yard in this story about a hard-working, well-loved Alaska sled dog at Jeff King's Husky Homestead> How do we know she's a favorite? Well, the boss lets her sleep in the cabin an ride in the truck cab. Spoiled? Never!