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Joan Burbick

Born: 1946 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: She was born in Chicago, Illinois. She was a visiting scholar at Knox Collete in Galesburg, Illinois.

Biography: Joan Burbick is currently a professor of English and American studies at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

Gun show nation :
ISBN: 9781595582041 OCLC: 64771116

Looking at America from the floor of a gun show, Gun Show Nation answers the question posed by Michael Moore's hit documentary film Bowling for Columbine: why are Americans so obsessed with guns? And what can be done about it? Gun Show Nation goes beyond the issues of handgun bans and child-safety locks to delve into what the author sees as the heart of the matter-that owning a gun has come to be seen as a fundamental right in our democracy. In a colorful tour of the nation's gun shows from Peoria to Reno, author Joan Burbick instantly takes note that mixed with the gun displays are political pamphlets, Second Amendment treatises, and patriotic literature, and that the men in front of the gun racks are as eager to talk about politics as they are to sell their wares. What Burbick discovers is that America is not merely armed to the teeth - America has a gun culture. From interviews at shooting ranges, the NRA's annual convention, and behind closed doors with gun rights strategists, Burbick offers the most thorough account yet of the beliefs that millions of ordinary Americans hold about guns. Gun ownership, Burbick argues, is now seen as a patriotic act, and is closely allied with the most conservative ideals in American politics. Burbick's fascinating conclusions bear directly on gun debates, yet point to much more difficult and fundamental solutions. Sure to be the subject of intense discussion, Gun Show Nation is a landmark of historical and cultural reporting.--Jacket.

Healing the republic :
ISBN: 0521106737 OCLC: 286431207

"The creation of an American national culture in the nineteenth century coincided with a common belief that the emerging nation was diseased and in need of healing. Reading nineteenth-century narratives of health by a wide variety of authors, Burbick exposes the fears and conflicts underlying the creation of an American national culture. In studying these narratives of the body, this pioneering and comprehensive work concludes that a fundamental uneasiness about democracy may result in a collective, willful effort to control the body trope as a means of composing social order." -- Publisher website.

Rodeo queens :
ISBN: 1586482041 OCLC: 54343816

Public Affairs, New York : ©2002.

Rodeo queens and the American dream /
ISBN: 1586481118 OCLC: 50243080

Public Affairs, New York : ©2002.

Uses stories and interviews to provide a glimpse into the history and lives of past and present "sweethearts of the rodeo."

Thoreau's alternative history :
ISBN: 081228058X OCLC: 15107964

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia : ©1987.