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James Oliver Mallon

Born: 1942 in County Armagh, Ireland
Pen Name: James O. Mallon

Connection to Illinois: Mallon settled in Chicago after coming to America from Ireland.

Biography: James Oliver Mallon was born in County Armagh Northern Ireland in 1942. His life from Ireland to America includes a stop in Lourdes, France, immigrating to America, serving in the United States Army and finally settling in Chicago to begin his life as husband, father, actor, playwright and author. James will take you on a fascinating journey of his life and career.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Frightened Pilgrim: From Ireland to America with a miracle in between

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This is a story of a boy who grew up on a small farm in Northern Ireland in the 1940's. At 8 years old he had an accident that damaged his left shin. Doctors wanted to amputate his leg, but his parents refused to give their consent. After cobalt treatment, the wound still remained. Local neighbors took up a collection & sent him to Lourdes in France. A few weeks after he returned from Lourdes the wound disappeared. Like many Irish people before him, he immigrated to the USA. He had a dream of becoming an actor someday, but Life kept getting in the way. He worked at many different jobs; found it difficult to settle in one place; got married; got divorced; did some acting and had a play written about his leg injury & miracle, entitled "A Bump on the Leg." And now he has written & published his autobiography. Hopefully this will be a legacy for future generations.