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Jeffrey Cohlmeyer

Born: Eldorado, IL, 1978
Connection to Illinois: Cohlmeyer was born in Eldorado. He has lived in the following Illinois towns: Harrisburg, Ledford, Cave-in-Rock, Elizabethtown, Peter's Creek, and Rosiclare. He graduated from Harrisburg High School in 1996. His wife's family is from Marion. They own and operate Pepsi Midamerica.

Biography: Jeffrey Cohlmeyer is a native of southern Illinois. He is now the CEO of a real estate company he founded in 2012. He holds a JD from the University of Toledo College of Law, and a BS in Political Science, with honors, from Murray State University. He lives in New Philadelphia, OH with his wife, Brandee, and their three kids: Elaine, Stanley, and Henry. He is a youth development coach for his local soccer club and is an avid Liverpool Football Club fan.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Science Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

The Halting Problem
ISBN: 1733978208 OCLC:

CLS 2019

From the back of the book: Should we really be doing this? That question will haunt you as you read The Halting Problem. After an uneventful career as a computer programmer, Brett Phillips has his life transformed by taking on a new challenge: becoming an Operator for Pixie, the first sentient General Artificial Intelligence program. With a looming deadline and a demanding Angel Investor calling the shots, Brett’s personal life is upended in the cruelest way at the worst possible time. And something does not seem right with Pixie either… From the author: Do you like science fiction books with completely unrealistic technologies? Awful storytelling? Bland, uninteresting characters? Do you like gigantic laser battles in space? Stilted dialogue? Predictable endings? Galaxy-obliterating death weapons? No? Great! I don’t either, and that means you may like my book, The Halting Problem. The Halting Problem is a contemporary science fiction book that explores real life issues with General Artificial Intelligence (GAI). The technology is probably a bit more advanced than currently known, but definitely realistic. The characters are interesting and well-written. There are no lasers or death weapons, but there is hot wax and an envelope dagger. Most of the book takes place in Chattanooga, TN which, as of April 2019, is not in outer space. This is no dystopian, sci-fi mega-tropey book either, which you may find odd, since most things suck nowadays. Instead, my story explores possible real-world issues with GAI, and what you will find is what I found; reality may end up being perfectly terrifying as well. The Halting Problem is part sci-fi, part dark comedy, part mystery, and part drama, with a sprinkling of existentialism throughout. - J