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Kerry Luft

Connection to Illinois: Luft is executive vice president of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Dundee.

Biography: Kerry Luft is executive vice president of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Dundee, Illinois. He previously spent nearly three decades in journalism, mostly at the Chicago Tribune, where he specialized in national and foreign news. He has written or edited five other books, including Wings Over Water, the companion book to the award-winning IMAX 3D film of the same name.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Coyotes Among Us: Secrets of the City’s Top Predator
ISBN: 1959411233 OCLC:

Flashpoint 2024

An eye-opening volume of photographs and research exploring one of North America’s most persistent—and misunderstood—predators. The coyote. Even its image conjures up more myth than fact. From its depictions as the “trickster” in ancient fables to its portrayal as a threat to humans and their pets in modern news sources, coyotes are rarely shown in a favorable light. Now, the Urban Coyote Research Project pulls back the curtain on the defamed coyote, revealing the surprising truth about this unique creature. Though harassed and hunted for generations, today the coyote persists and even thrives. With an innate ability to adjust to new climates and environments, the coyote has developed an expansive range. Once confined to the American West, it lives in forty-nine states, across lower Canada, through Mexico, and all the way to Costa Rica. Its habitat sweeps from rural prairie to urban overpasses; it is the largest animal to regularly live wild within city limits. The coyote continues to overcome the ceaseless intrusion of urban development to create a bright and flourishing future, providing its human neighbors a surprising number of benefits. With stunning images of coyotes within their surprising habitats, Living with Coyotes pulls from decades of experience to dispel coyote myths, highlight the benefits of living with coyotes, and embrace the coyote as a brilliant survivor against all odds.