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Marrice Coverson

Connection to Illinois: Coverson lives in Chicago.

Biography: The Reverend Marrice Coverson is the Pastor of the Church of the Spirit in Chicago -- the first female and African American to hold that position. Rev. Coverson is also the first African American since 1924 to hold a Trustee position on the Board of Directors of National Spiritualist Association (NSAC) of Church’s Board of Directors. She also has served as President of the NSAC Illinois Chapter. Marrice Coverson is also the Founder of the Institute for Positive Living and the Executive Director of the Open Book Program, a citywide, after-school literacy initiative for adolescents. Ms. Coverson holds a BA in Sociology from Mississippi Valley State University and a MA in Public Administration from Roosevelt University. She has a MA in Theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

THE POWER OF INNER WISDOM: Your Source for Creating a Soul-Satisfying Life
ISBN: 0981734375 OCLC:

Inspirational Institute 2018

We have dreams to realize for ourselves and for our world. THE POWER OF INNER WISDOM is a reminder as well as a path to the light, a light of hope and peace and the realization of those dreams. Using the principles of Spiritualism and the insights of her years as a pastor and life coach, the Rev. Marrice Coverson guides readers on a journey toward creating a soul-satisfying life for themselves, for their loved ones and for the world. Each chapter begins with the word POWER: The Power of New Beginnings, The Power of Purpose, The Power of Dreams, The Power of Forgiveness, etc. In each chapter, the Rev. Coverson explains how each topic, when grounded in the power of our own inner wisdom, can become a springboard toward creating the life of our dreams. In the Connect to the Power of Your Inner Wisdom section at the back of each chapter, readers are invited to open their Inner Wisdom Journals and do a series of exercises designed to help quiet their minds, receive and record the guidance from their own inner wisdom.THE POWER OF INNER WISDOM is for those who seek a purpose-driven life. The wordsand practical exercises that the Rev. Coverson offers will inspire, encourage and liberate your minds from the dangerous, toxic pollution of negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors that pillage our lives and potentials like relentless robbers. For those who are already travelers on this journey, the Rev. Coverson will gently but firmly nudge your spirit to seek deeper truth and harmony so that you can become more and more your better self and a blessing to others.