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Name:  Veronica Randolph Batterson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Veronica Randolph Batterson moved to the Chicago area in 2004 with her family. Her husband, Brett, is the Executive Director of the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago. They reside in Aurora.

Biographical and Professional Information

Veronica Randolph Batterson is the author of the juvenile fiction books, ''Billy's First Dance'' and ''Funny Pages''. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee. Her short stories and essays have appeared in various publications. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

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Titles At Your Library

Billy's First Dance
ISBN: 0741459132

Infinity Publishing. 2010

Thirteen-year-old Junie dreams of becoming a writer. Her youngest brother, Billy, afflicted with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair, dreams of dancing. Their quirky but loving family finds a way to stay together.

Set in the southeast in the 1970s, Billy's First Dance unfolds with attention to family bonds, special needs and coming of age. Junie wants desperately to become a writer but must deal with the unusual circumstances of her family. She and her three half-siblings live with their grandmother and aunt, and none of the children know where their mother is.

Funny Pages
ISBN: 0741468581

Infinity Publishing. 2011

Sally's grandfather is a retired cartoonist. He creates the comic Marchmont just for her. This middle grade story blends the antics of Sally's family life with the comic strip's fictional characters.

Daniel's Esperanza
ISBN: 1500398926

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

A rancher and his wife provide a haven for wild mustangs on ten thousand acres in northern New Mexico. Unable to have children of their own, they also provide a home to a broken and abused teenage boy from Virginia. Their wild horse sanctuary gives comfort to the boy, while the family faces challenging actions and lies from a vindictive neighbor and the threat of the boy's biological father resurfacing.

Under the backdrop of Native American culture and New Mexico ranch life, Daniel escapes his abusive father and finds a new home with Frank and Sarah Carpenter, ranchers and owners of a wild horse sanctuary. For three years, he heals, is nurtured and becomes an adult. Daniel learns to ride horses, train them and accept a family as his own.

However, a vengeful, neighboring rancher and son become formidable enemies. They engage in threats against the Carpenters and Daniel that involve horse stealing, gambling and potential danger to the sanctuary horses. The neighbors also hire a private investigator to look into Daniel's past, allowing his abusive father to learn of his whereabouts.

Williamsburg Hill
ISBN: 1723910376

Independently published. 2018

When history touches the present through an old ghost town, its cemetery, and an ancestral piece of furniture passed down through the ages, a story connecting two generations and eras unfolds.

Chicago, 2015. One year after her divorce, Chicago antique dealer Rose Beecham suddenly acquires a beautiful 19th century dressing table at auction. Intending to resell it, something about the piece of furniture makes her hesitate. Tagged with the maker's mark Dunaway Carpentry, Established 1840, Williamsburg Hill, Illinois underneath it, Rose finds a hidden compartment in one of the drawers revealing a garnet ring and an old daguerreotype of a young couple. One other item remains hidden within the drawer, just out of reach. Instincts tell her that is the answer to the item's provenance, and she must find a way to retrieve it. But someone else is looking for the heirloom and is determined to acquire it at any cost. With the help of Robert Moray, the Scottish man who has reentered Rose's life, they piece together the mystery, leading her to discover ancestors that she never knew existed, and allowing a reconnection with her adoptive family.
Williamsburg Hill, Illinois, 1880. Evelyn Williams travels to Williamsburg Hill from St. Louis to visit her aunt, and to escape a ghost from her past. She meets Frederic Dunaway, a man descended from Potawatomi heritage whose family built much of Williamsburg. Can he protect Evelyn from the person who is in search of her because of the valuable land she will inherit? As outlaws close in, and the new railroad threatens the future of the town and stagecoach line, things aren't as they appear to be. With danger looming, including murder, will Evelyn heed the ramblings of a grizzled old loner named Erastus who says the dead speak to him?

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