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Name:  Larry Dale Kettlekamp  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: Harvey, Illinois

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Mischievous Ghosts: The Poltergeist and PK
ISBN: 0688222439

William Morrow & Co. 1980

Discusses cases of psychokinetic activity caused by poltergeists, laboratory research which has been done in this area, and theories to explain PK.

Magic Made Easy
ISBN: 068800377X

William Morrow & Co. 1981

Describes many simple magic tricks which the beginner can perform using only everyday objects as props

The Magic of Sound, Revised Edition
ISBN: 0688014933

William Morrow & Co.. 1982

A simple examination of the origins and principles of the everyday phenomenon of sound including easy projects for children

Electronic Musical Instruments: What They Do, How They Work
ISBN: 0688027814

William Morrow & Co. 1984

An introduction to the world of electronic musical instruments discusses the different types of instruments, how they work, how they are played, and what they can do, with practical tips on buying an instrument and using them effectively

Modern Sports Science
ISBN: 0688054943

William Morrow & Co. 1986

Describes how the body functions in athletic performance and discusses the advances made in understanding muscle mechanics, body metabolism, peak performance, stress, mind and body relationship, and what is needed to become proficient in a sport

Bill Cosby: Family Funny Man
ISBN: 0671623826

Julian Messner. 1987

Examines the life and career of the popular entertainer, from his childhood to his success as a comedian and actor.

Computer Graphics: How It Works, What It Does
ISBN: 0688075045

William Morrow & Co. 1989

Explores the science and technology of computer graphics, how computer videogames and animations work, and how computer graphics are used in communications, design, science, and medicine.

High Tech for the Handicapped: New Ways to Hear, See, Talk, and Walk (Issues in Focus)
ISBN: 0894902024

Enslow Pub Inc. 1991

Describes how new materials, devices, and computerized systems are helping the physically handicapped to live more active lives.

Living in Space
ISBN: 068810018X

Collins. 1993

"Provides a brief history of U.S. space exploration before explaining how astronauts currently live and work in space and describing existing plans for manned and unmanned space exploration in the near future. The most interesting section of the book speculates on ways Earth colonists will prepare Mars so humans can live on the planet....A good introduction to the topic of living in space, and it is certain to inspire further reading on the subject."--Booklist.

ETs and UFOs
ISBN: 0688128688

Collins. 1996

Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing questions of all time is whether extraterrestrial beings actually exist and are visiting the earth. This volume takes an in-depth look at over a dozen of the most famous and best-documented cases of UFO sightings and alien abductions, presenting all the evidence--and lets the reader decide.



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