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Name:  Josh Schneider  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

Schneider is a Winnetka native and an attorney in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Josh Schneider is an author and illustrator. He studied illustration at Washington University in Saint Louis. His first book, ''You'll Be Sorry'', was named "Book That Provides Best Ammunition to Parents Weary of Warning Their Kids About Socking Their Siblings" by Publishers Weekly magazine.

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Titles At Your Library

You'll Be Sorry
ISBN: 0618819320

Clarion Books. 2007

Samantha's parents warn her not to hit her brother. But Samantha likes to hit him, and does not think she will be sorry.

She's wrong, of course.

As the consequences of Samantha's actions grow more and more outlandish with every turn of the page, surreal twists and subtle visual humor add to the fun. Siblings of all ages are sure to recognize the contentious yet ultimately loving relationship in this lighthearted cautionary tale about a common childhood impulse.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters
ISBN: 0547149565

Clarion Books. 2011

2012 Winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award!

James is a very picky eater. His dad has to get creative—very creative—in order to get James to eat foods he thinks he doesn’t like. He presents James with a series of outlandish scenarios packed with fanciful and gross kid-friendly details—like pre-chewed gum as an alternative to broccoli and lumpy oatmeal that grows so big it eats the dog—in an effort to get James to eat. But it is eventually James himself who discovers that some foods are not so bad, after all, if you’re willing to give them a try.

This irreverently hilarious early reader, illustrated in full color, explores a universal point of contention between parent and child in a playful, satisfying way.

The Meanest Birthday Girl
ISBN: 054783814X

Clarion Books. 2013

It’s Dana’s birthday, so she can do what she likes. And what Dana likes to do is pinch. And call people names. And steal her classmates’ desserts. You probably know a kid like Dana. What can stop her from being so mean? In this story, it’s not what you might expect. Because sometimes, it takes a little creativity (and possibly a very large pet) to change a mean kid’s ways. Five short chapters with comical full-color illustrations offer a fresh, fun take on bullying and birthdays (and pet elephants).

Bedtime Monsters
ISBN: 0544002709

Clarion Books. 2013

Creaking . . . Squeaking . . . Gnashing . . . Glinking . . .
Under the bed, deep in the closet, behind the radiator . . . the bedtime monsters are stirring, and poor Arnold is too scared to fall asleep. He’s powerless to get rid of them—and they don't seem to be more scared of him than he is of them, no matter what his mother says. But even the most terrible, horrible monster has to be afraid of something, as Arnold eventually finds out in this empowering tale of harnessing the imagination and conquering nighttime fears.

Princess Sparkle-Heart Gets a Makeover
ISBN: 0544142284

Clarion Books. 2014

Amelia and her dog are best friends . . . until Princess Sparkle-Heart comes along. Soon, Amelia and Princess Sparkle-Heart are doing everything together: having tea parties, attending royal weddings, keeping each other's secrets.
Princess Sparkle-Heart may be an awesome princess doll—but is she any match for a jealous canine?
Look out, Princess Sparkle-Heart!
This witty parable of sibling rivalry has all the giggle-inducing visual detail and kid-appeal of the author's previous work, plus an unexpected twist that makes for a satisfyingly delicious ending.

Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred)
ISBN: 054433924X

Clarion Books. 2015

Every kind of bird and beast has to sleep, from the monkeys in the jungle to the whales in the ocean to the ants under the ground.
But not Fred. His to-do list is far too long!
Armed with plenty of imagination, this determined little boy and his attempts to resist bedtime are sure to strike a chord with today's over scheduled families. Drowsy animals of all stripes look on in disbelief as Fred keeps on going and going and going, until . . .
Could it be that, after so much activity, even Fred needs to rest?
Shhh. Close the book softly, and please let Fred sleep.


You'll be Sorry

  • Best Book for Children, Association of Booksellers for Children
  • Notable Book, International Reading Association
  • Tales for Very Picky Eaters

  • Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, 2012
  • ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2015
  • The Meanest Birthday Girl

  • Starred Review, Kirkus
  • Starred Review, Publishers Weekly
  • Bedtime Monsters

  • Starred Review, Publishers Weekly
  • Princess Sparkle-Heart Gets a Makeover

  • Starred Review, Kirkus
  • Starred Review, Publishers Weekly
  • Everybody Sleeps (But not Fred)

  • Starred Review, Kirkus
  • Starred Review, Publishers Weekly
  • ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2018

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