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General Information

Name:  Fern G. Brown  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: 1918 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Brown was born in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Fern G. Brown was an author who wrote books for children and young adults.

Published Works

  • Hard Luck Horse, Albert Whitman, 1975
  • Racing Against the Odds, Robyn C. Smith, Raintree, 1976
  • You're Somebody Special on a Horse, Whitman, 1977
  • Jockey or Else, Albert Whitman, 1978
  • Behind the Scenes at the Horse Hospital, Whitman, 1981
  • Great Money Machine : How Your Bank Works, Burdett, 1981
  • Our Love, Fawcett, 1986
  • Valentine's Day, Scholastic, 1983
  • Etiquette, F. Watts, 1985
  • Amelia Earhart Takes Off, Whitman, 1985
  • Horses and Foals, Scholastic, 1986
  • Hereditary Diseases, F. Watts, 1987
  • Baby-Sitter on Horseback, Ballantine, 1988
  • Teen Guide to Childbirth, F. Watts, 1989
  • Teen Guide to Caring for Your Unborn Baby, Scholastic, 1989 - written with Alan E. Nourse
  • Franklin Pierce : Fourteenth President of the United States, Garrett, 1989
  • James A. Garfield : Twentieth President of the United States, Garrett, 1990
  • Owls, Scholastic, 1991
  • Special Olympics, F. Watts, 1992
  • Daisy and the Girl Scouts : The Story of Juliette Gordon Low, Whitman, 1996

Selected Titles At Your Library

Hard luck horse /
ISBN: 0807531596. OCLC Number:

A. Whitman,. Chicago :. ©1975.

Cristi must decide whether to save a handicapped horse even though it will mean she may never own it.

Racing against the odds :
ISBN: 081720119x. OCLC Number:

Raintree Editions ;. Milwaukee :. ©1976.

A brief biography of Robyn Smith emphasizing her struggles to become a jockey and gain acceptance in the racing world.

Our love /
ISBN: 0449700348. OCLC Number:

Ballantine Books,. New York :. ©1986.

Jockey--or else! /
ISBN: 0807539449. OCLC Number:

A. Whitman,. Chicago :. ©1978.

His summer experiences at Lakeside Horse Farm convince Benjy he will never be a jockey; therefore, he sets more realistic goals that will still involve him with horses.

Etiquette /
ISBN: 0531049086. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. 1985.

Presents "new etiquette," which combines consideration for others with new ideas of honesty and sincerity, for use at home, at school, and in public.

Hereditary diseases /
ISBN: 0531103862. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. 1987.

Discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of inheritable diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs, and diabetes and explores the field of genetic counseling.

Teen guide to childbirth /
ISBN: 0531152081. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. 1990, ©1988.

Special Olympics /
ISBN: 0531200620. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. ©1992.

Describes the history and organization of the Special Olympics and explains how athletes and volunteers can get involved.



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