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Name:  Fern G. Brown  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1918 in Chicago, Illinois

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Brown was born in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Fern G. Brown was an author who wrote books for children and young adults.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Amelia Earhart takes off
ISBN: 0807503096. OCLC Number: 11650504

A. Whitman,. .

Describes the life of the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, from her adventurous girlhood to her mysterious disappearance during a flight around the world in 1937--Title page verso.

Baby-sitter on horseback
ISBN: 0449702839. OCLC Number: 18870406

Ballantine Books,. .

Behind the scenes at the horse hospital
ISBN: 0807506109. OCLC Number: 7247796

Whitman,. .

Text and photographs present an account of life behind the scenes at the Illinois Equine Hospital.

Daisy and the Girl Scouts :
ISBN: 9781306662505. OCLC Number: 878113629

Albert Whitman & Company,. .

Describes the vigorous and unconventional life of the founder of the Girl Scout movement in the United States.

Etiquette /
ISBN: 0531049086. OCLC Number: 11211797

F. Watts,. .

Presents "new etiquette," which combines consideration for others with new ideas of honesty and sincerity, for use at home, at school, and in public.

Franklin Pierce, 14th president of the United States
ISBN: 0944483259. OCLC Number: 18559892

Garrett Educational Corp.,. .

A biography of the New Hampshire politician who served as president during a period of increasing bitterness between the North and the South.

Hard luck horse /
ISBN: 0807531596. OCLC Number: 1733660

A. Whitman,. .

Cristi must decide whether to save a handicapped horse even though it will mean she may never own it.

Hereditary diseases /
ISBN: 0531103862. OCLC Number: 15489508

F. Watts,. .

Discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of inheritable diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs, and diabetes and explores the field of genetic counseling.

Horses and foals
ISBN: 0531101185. OCLC Number: 12721450

F. Watts,. .

An introduction, for beginning riders, to the physical characteristics of horses and foals, their care and training, and the history of the different breeds.

Jockey--or else! /
ISBN: 0807539449. OCLC Number: 3649778

A. Whitman,. .

His summer experiences at Lakeside Horse Farm convince Benjy he will never be a jockey; therefore, he sets more realistic goals that will still involve him with horses.

Our love /
ISBN: 0449700348. OCLC Number: 13414891

Ballantine Books,. .

ISBN: 0531200086. OCLC Number: 22490813

F. Watts,. .

Describes the life cycle, habits and behavior, and different species of owls.

Racing against the odds :
ISBN: 081720119x. OCLC Number: 1974098

Raintree Editions ;. .

A brief biography of Robyn Smith emphasizing her struggles to become a jockey and gain acceptance in the racing world.

Special Olympics /
ISBN: 0531200620. OCLC Number: 24376706

F. Watts,. .

Describes the history and organization of the Special Olympics and explains how athletes and volunteers can get involved.

Teen guide to caring for your unborn baby
ISBN: 0531106683. OCLC Number: 22734072

F. Watts,. .

A primer for the expectant mother on the nature of pregnancy and how she can care for both herself and the unborn baby.

Teen guide to childbirth /
ISBN: 0531152081. OCLC Number: 22418075

F. Watts,. .

Textbook of palliative nursing
ISBN: 0195175492. OCLC Number: 77519999

Oxford University Press,. .

The great money machine :
ISBN: 0671424378. OCLC Number: 7814214

Messner,. .

An introduction to various kinds of banks and their functions, with a brief history of banking in the United States.

You're somebody special on a horse
ISBN: 0807594474. OCLC Number: 2964337

A. Whitman,. .

Marni must lose her beloved horse to spend more time studying, but when she helps in a program for handicapped riders she gains new insight into her problem.