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General Information

Name:  Sherri Rinker  

Pen Name: Sherri Duskey Rinker

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: 1966 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Rinker lives in St. Charles.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sherri Duskey Rinker is passionate about children’s literacy and has had a life-long love of books. She is a graphic designer and New York Times bestselling author. Her first picture book, ''Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site'' was inspired by her youngest son’s obsession with trucks. The book became an instant bestseller, won critical acclaim and received numerous honors.


Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

International Bestseller

New York Times #1 Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller List for over one year

New York Times Notable Children's Book

IndieBound Bestseller - in the top 15 for over one year

Publishers Weekly Bestseller

ALA Notable Children's Book Nominee

School Library Journal Starred Review

Booklist Starred Review

Top 10 Best Picture Books of 2011

Illinois Reads List, Illinois Reading Council, 2013

Steam Train, Dream Train

New York Times #1 Bestseller

Illinois Reads List, Illinois Reading Council, 2016

Silly Wonderful You

Illinois Reads List, Illinois Reading Council, 2017

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site

New York Times #1 Bestseller

Construction Site on Christmas Night

New York Times #1 Bestseller

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Contact Sherri at Rinker's school presentation, "Books Are Magic!" is designed to encourage and support students on their journey of reading and writing.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Big machines :
ISBN: 0544715578. OCLC Number: 961035015

. .

Describes the life of the children's book author and illustrator, conveying her life at Folly Cove, her love of dance, and how she was able to create images of machinery, including those used in her book, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel Mary Anne.

Bulldozer's shapes /
ISBN: 1452153213. OCLC Number: 1007497962

. .

In rhyming text, Bulldozer and Crane work at the construction site circling around the dirt, clearing away triangles of rocks until the perfect building spot has been squared off.

Celebrate you! /
ISBN: 0062564021. OCLC Number: 1039308981

. .

This charming new picture book celebrates all the small but important milestones on the way to growing up, from the first wobbly baby steps to the time when they're ready to leave the nest.

Cement Mixer's ABC /
ISBN: 1452153183. OCLC Number: 1006528339

. .

As he works, Cement Mixer makes a little song of all the construction words from A to Z.

Construction site mission :
ISBN: 1452182574. OCLC Number: 1089276330

. .

In rhyming text, the vehicles of the construction crew set to work demolishing an old rickety building--the necessary first step to building something new.

Construction site on Christmas night /
ISBN: 9781452139111. OCLC Number: 1019833053

. .

It is Christmas Eve, and all the construction vehicles are finishing up work on the site, and when they leave they find that there is a special present waiting for each of them.

Construction site, merry and bright :
ISBN: 1797204297. OCLC Number: 1237349871

. .

Construction Site: Road Crew Coming Through!
ISBN: 1797204726. OCLC Number: 1232272441

. .

Told in rhyming text, seven new road-building machines set out on a job--building, rolling, paving, and painting a brand new road.

Crane Truck's opposites /
ISBN: 1452153175. OCLC Number: 1006528217

. .

In rhyming text, Crane Truck works at the construction site with loads both heavy and light, big and small, helping his construction friends.

Dump Truck's colors /
ISBN: 9781452153209. OCLC Number: 1007507150

. .

In rhyming text, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer have a colorful day at the construction site underneath a bright blue sky, pouring loads of gray concrete and moving brown loads of rocks up to the white moon night.

Excavator's 123 /
ISBN: 1452153167. OCLC Number: 1006520857

. .

The construction crew is counting on Excavator, as he and Dump Truck count off the ten tasks they need to do on their construction site.

Goodnight, goodnight, construction site /
ISBN: 0811877825. OCLC Number: 651486735

. .

At sunset, when their work is done for the day, a crane truck, a cement mixer, and other pieces of construction equipment make their way to their resting places and go to sleep.

How to put an octopus to bed /
ISBN: 1452140103. OCLC Number: 1082292707

. .

When mommy octopus tells little Floyd that it is time for bed, he decides that his parents want help getting their baths and putting on their pajamas (not what Mommy-O meant)--soon all three are covered with water and bubbles, and his parents are so exhausted that they fall asleep before Floyd is in bed.

It's so quiet :
ISBN: 145214544X. OCLC Number: 944394154

. .

Little Mouse cannot sleep because it is too quiet, but when he really listens he finds the night is full of all sorts of sounds--so many, in fact, that it is too noisy to sleep--

Mighty, mighty construction site /
ISBN: 1452152160. OCLC Number: 951710781

. .

Told in rhyming text, Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane Truck, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer will all need to work together as they tackle their biggest job yet--a massive building.

Revver the speedway squirrel /
ISBN: 1547603615. OCLC Number: 1145089343

. .

Revver the squirrel dreams of being a race car driver--or at least a member of the pit crew--but his squirrel survival lessons have taught him nothing about engines.

Revver the speedway squirrel : The Big Race Home
ISBN: 1547603674. OCLC Number: 1248598562

. .

Revver the squirrel is now an accepted part of the race team (more or less), but he still has a lot to learn, and when the team travels to the airport for a distant race, Revver wanders into the terminal looking for his friends, and gets lost.

Silly wonderful you /
ISBN: 0062271059. OCLC Number: 910530556

. .

In rhyming text, a mother describes all the ways her days have been changed by the addition of a toddler to her life.

Steam train, dream train 1-2-3 /
ISBN: 1452149143. OCLC Number: 936129326

. .

Cuddle up with the beloved animal friends from the bestselling Steam Train, Dream Train and count on lots of fun! Little train enthusiasts will love counting from one to ten along with the dreamy train cars!

Steam train, dream train colors /
ISBN: 1452149151. OCLC Number: 936129430

. .

All aboard for a rainbow of train cars and their lively animal crew! Vivid colors and cozy rhyming text inspired by the bestselling Steam Train, Dream Train will make learning colors a rich experience for the youngest readers.

Steam train, dream train sound book /
ISBN: 1452128251. OCLC Number: 864808700

. .

In this book with rhyming text, the dream train makes various sounds as it loads its freight and says goodnight.

The 12 sleighs of Christmas /
ISBN: 1452145148. OCLC Number: 957724531

. .

When, two weeks before Christmas, the elves discover that Santa's sleigh is in a bad state, twelve teams of elves set out to build twelve different sleighs: a souped up hot rod, a semitruck that flies, a ship that sails in the sky, and each version is more elaborate than the one before--but which will Santa choose?

Three cheers for Kid McGear! /
ISBN: 1452155828. OCLC Number: 1075553765

. .

Told in rhyme, the big construction trucks are skeptical when Kid McGear the skid-steer shows up on the big construction site, after all a skid-steer is rather small--but when the big trucks run into trouble on a steep incline, Kid McGear proves that sometimes a small all-purpose truck may be just what is needed to save the day.

Tiny and the big dig
ISBN: 9780545904292. OCLC Number: 985604099

. .

Tiny is a small, but very determined dog and right now he smells a big bone buried deep in the earth of the garden--and he is going to get that bone no matter how far down he has to dig.