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General Information

Name:  Ilene Cooper  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: March 10, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois

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Cooper was born in Chicago and currently lives in Highland Park.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ilene Cooper writes across genres and ages groups. She was born in Chicago and grew up in the city's Rogers Park neighborhood. After graduating Sullivan High School, she attended the University of Missouri Journalism School where she majored in Radio and Television. She worked as an editorial researcher at Chicago's WGN TV station for several years. She earned a master's degree in library science from Rosary College.As a youth librarian, Ilene worked at several branches of the Chicago Public Library and at the Winnetka Public Library District before becoming the children's books editor of ''Booklist'', the review journal of the American Library Association. She's a popular speaker at schools and libraries and has written for the New York Times as well as for television. In her twenty year career, Cooper published over thirty books.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

A woman in the House (and Senate) :
ISBN: 9781419710360. OCLC Number: 854541600

. .

For the first 128 years of our country's history, not a single woman served in the United States Senate or House of Representatives. All of that changed, however, in November 1916, when Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to Congress -- even before the Nineteenth Amendment gave women across the U.S. the right to vote. Beginning with the women's suffrage movement and going all the way through the results of the 2012 election, Ilene Cooper covers more than a century of U.S. history in order to highlight the influential and diverse group of female leaders who opened doors for women in politics as well as the nation as a whole.

Absolutely Lucy #1: Absolutely Lucy
ISBN: 0307465020. OCLC Number: 41662519

Golden Books,. .

Bobby is a shy boy until he gets a beagle puppy named Lucy, who helps him to make new friends.

Absolutely Lucy #2: Lucy on the Loose
ISBN: 0307265080. OCLC Number: 43588591

Golden Books,. .

When his beagle Lucy runs off chasing a big orange cat, Bobby must overcome his shyness in order to find them again.

Absolutely Lucy #3: Look at Lucy!
ISBN: 0375855580. OCLC Number: 255011274

. .

Entering his beagle, Lucy, in a contest to be "spokespet" for Pet-O-Rama helps shy, nine-year-old Bobby get over his anxiety about speaking in front of groups of people, from his third-grade classmates to the contest judges.

Absolutely Lucy #4: Lucy on the Ball
ISBN: 9780375855597. OCLC Number: 609530020

Random House,. .

Lucy, the beagle, does not mind her humans very well until third-grader Bobby joins a soccer team, Lucy becomes the mascot, and the coach gives Lucy obedience training.

Absolutely Lucy #5: Lucy's Tricks and Treats
ISBN: 9780375986376. OCLC Number: 759908588

Random House,. .

Halloween is near and Bobby has a great idea for costumes for himself and his dog, Lucy, but when he brings Lucy's costume to school for show-and-tell it disappears, and Bobby suspects the unfriendly new student took it.

Absolutely Lucy #6: Thanks to Lucy
ISBN: 9780375969980. OCLC Number: 816317466

. .

Bobby Quinn has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving--his grandmother's visit, an adopted baby brother or sister on the way--but what he's most thankful for is his beagle Lucy, who hasn't been acting like herself lately--

Absolutely Lucy #7: Lucy's Holiday Surprise
ISBN: 0385391307. OCLC Number: 885092441

. .

With still unnamed twin baby sisters at home, Bobby, owner of an boisterous pet beagle, is worried that his parents will have no time to celebrate Christmas.

An angel in my pocket
ISBN: 9780312370145. OCLC Number: 650212804

Feiwel and Friends,. .

When seventh-grader Bette finds an angel coin she puts it in her pocket and forgets it but soon the mysterious and kind Gabby moves into her building and helps her face her major losses, and then the coin connects her with three classmates who all find new ways to believe in themselves.

Buddy Love now on video /
ISBN: 0064407241. OCLC Number: 32130387

HarperCollins,. .

When Buddy interviews family and friends on videotape, he learns surprising things about his family and himself.

Eleanor Roosevelt :
ISBN: 1419722956. OCLC Number: 1015270104

. .

From a shy and fearful child, Eleanor Roosevelt grew up to be not only First Lady of the United States, but one of the most influential women in U.S. history. Hers is a remarkable story of doing the thing you think you cannot do in order to work for change and to better the lives of others. Come learn about Eleanor, who challenges everyone - no matter his or her talents or gifts - to live a useful and fulfilling life.

Faith and fury :
ISBN: 9781250148582. OCLC Number: 985408571

. .

An illustrated history of Jerusalem's controversial Temple Mount, a site sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike--

Frances dances /
ISBN: 0679911111. OCLC Number: 22542410

Bullseye Books, Alfred A. Knopf,. .

As she takes ballet lessons and participates in a school play, a timid fourth-grader confronts her fears and learns a lesson about friendship.

Frances four-eyes /
ISBN: 067991112X. OCLC Number: 22954775

Bullseye Books :. .

A shy fourth-grader becomes more assertive as she dances the lead role at a recital, suggests a community project in class, and starts to wear her new glasses.

Frances takes a chance /
ISBN: 0679911103. OCLC Number: 22314214

Bullseye Books,. .

When her best friend moves away, shy fourth-grader Frances McAllister must make new friends, and in so doing learns to stick up for herself.

I'll see you in my dreams /
ISBN: 067086322X. OCLC Number: 36159568

Viking,. .

Karen's dreams, which years ago foretold the death of her father, are now warning her of another impending tragedy.

Jack :
ISBN: 0525469230. OCLC Number: 50129425

Dutton Children's Books,. .

A description of the childhood and youth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United States.

Jake's best thumb /
ISBN: 0525477888. OCLC Number: 85898907

. .

When Jake goes to kindergarten, a bully teases him about sucking his thumb, but Jake discovers that everyone--even bullies--needs some help being brave.

Jewish holidays all year round :
ISBN: 0810905507. OCLC Number: 48753374

Harry N. Abrams,. .

Explains the origins and meaning of the major Jewish holidays, describes how they are observed, and suggests related crafts and recipes.

Lights, camera, attitude! /
ISBN: 0140361553. OCLC Number: 27108917

Puffin Books,. .

Personal problems for both Alison and Jamie threaten to disrupt their performances in the new television series "Sticks and Stones."

Little Lucy
ISBN: 9780449810736. OCLC Number: 841172764

Random House Children's Books,. .

When Lucy the beagle goes to a lake with Bobby and his family, she does not want to go in the water and, instead, has an adventure on her own.

Little Lucy Goes to School
ISBN: 0385369948. OCLC Number: 853664382

. .

When Mom and Lucy the beagle go to school to deliver Bobby's forgotten lunch, Lucy gets loose.

My co-star, my enemy /
ISBN: 0140361561. OCLC Number: 27108913

Puffin Books,. .

Temperaments clash on the set when veteran child actress Jamie and sheltered rich girl Alison are cast as the stars of a new television series.

No-thanks Thanksgiving /
ISBN: 0670856576. OCLC Number: 34598065

Viking,. .

Five friends from summer camp renew their relationship over the holidays with a trip to New York City.

Oprah Winfrey :
ISBN: 9781101652251. OCLC Number: 869880475

. .

Presents the life of the African American talk-show host, describing her rise from poverty to her current status as one the country's most financially successful television personalities.

Sam I Am.
ISBN: 9781417767564. OCLC Number: 176881121

Bt Bound,. .

Seeing red /
ISBN: 014036157X. OCLC Number: 27684033

. .

When the cast of "Sticks and Stones" takes to the road for a publicity tour, the uneasy truce between the two stars is threatened by Jamie's ego and Alison's stage fright.

Star spangled summer /
ISBN: 067085655X. OCLC Number: 33863316

Viking,. .

The Holiday Five's return to Camp Wildwood may be spoiled when it appears that three of the girls may not be able to attend after all.

Stupid Cupid /
ISBN: 0140365192. OCLC Number: 34239757

Puffin Books,. .

Tired of her mother urging her to diet, twelve-year-old Maddy finds the motivation to lose weight after meeting a handsome new student.

Susan B. Anthony /
ISBN: 0531047504. OCLC Number: 10072310

F. Watts,. .

A biography of one of the first leaders of the campaign for women's rights who helped organize the women's suffrage movement.

The Annoying Team
ISBN: 9780307513144. OCLC Number: 500915721

Random House Children's Books,. .

Tim starts the Annoying Team to get back at the third-grade bully, but things get out of hand as the group's activities expand.

The Dead Sea scrolls /
ISBN: 0688143008. OCLC Number: 34912619

Morrow Junior Books,. .

Details the important archaeological discovery of the ancient manuscripts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls and discusses efforts to translate them, the battle over their possession, and the people who have figured in their history.

The Golden Rule
ISBN: 1419740695. OCLC Number: 1129130929

. .

Grandpa explains that the golden rule is a simple statement on how to live that can be practiced by people of all ages and faiths, then helps his grandson figure out how to apply the rule to his own life.

The Kids from Kennedy Middle School: Choosing Sides
ISBN: 0688079342. OCLC Number: 20759120

. .

Jonathan doesn't want his father to think he's a quitter, but middle school basketball--under the lash of a gung-ho coach--is turning out to be anything but fun.

The Kids from Kennedy Middle School: Mean Streak
ISBN: 0140349782. OCLC Number: 25368246

Puffin Books,. .

Having alienated her best friend Robin, eleven-year-old Veronica has no one to turn to for sympathy and support when it appears that her divorced father might remarry.

The Kids from Kennedy Middle School: Queen of the Sixth Grade
ISBN: 0688079334. OCLC Number: 18106428

Morrow Junior Books,. .

After helping her supposed best friend Veronica found the sixth grade's secret club, the Awesome Kennedy Girls, Robin accidentally gets on her wrong side and discovers how bossy and cruel Veronica really is.

The new, improved Gretchen Hubbard /
ISBN: 068808432X. OCLC Number: 25509828

Morrow Junior Books,. .

Formerly "Hippo Hubbard" of the sixth grade, Gretchen slims down but feels uncomfortable receiving compliments and attention from her classmates.

The winning of Miss Lynn Ryan /
ISBN: 0688072313. OCLC Number: 16003610

Morrow Junior Books,. .

No matter how hard she tries, Carrie fails to impress her attractive, new fifth-grade teacher who favors the more popular members of the class and either ignores or criticizes Carrie and her new friend Luke, the class nerd.

The worst noel /
ISBN: 0140365184. OCLC Number: 34763481

Penguin Group,. .

Feeling out-of-place when she visits her father's new family, Kathy decides to spend Christmas with the close-knit family of Erin, one of her friends from summer camp.

Trick or trouble /
ISBN: 0140365176. OCLC Number: 33068414

Puffin Books,. .

Lia makes four new friends at summer camp, but when they come to her house in Maple Park, Illinois, at Halloween, she worries that they will discover that she is not so popular in her seventh grade class.

Trouble in paradise /
ISBN: 0140361588. OCLC Number: 29354598

. .

Alison and Jamie continue to find that being television stars has its downside, as Jamie gets grief about her dramatic weight loss and Alison gets weird fan mail from a menacing secret admirer.