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Name:  Bryan W. Alaspa  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Alaspa was born and raised in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

In 2006 Brian Alaspa began dedicating his talents full time as a freelancer, wirter and novelist.

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Titles At Your Library

The Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang
ISBN: 0738811025

Xlibris Corp. 1999

DURING A TIME of chaos, where brother rises against brother and the standards of civilization no longer exist the government has become desperate for a way to restore hope.

Ghosts of St. Louis: The Lemp Mansion and Other Eerie Tales
ISBN: 0764326880

Schiffer Pub Ltd. 2007

St. Louis is a modern metropolis still rich with legends dating back to the early Native Americans, and a history that lives on through many spirits that refuse to die. - Visit the infamous Lemp Mansion and discover its scandalous history a tragic tale of a wealthy family plagued by multiple suicides, madness, depression, and public ridicule. - Read about the Gehm House, if you dare, where footsteps fall where no man walks and visitors are attacked as they sleep. - Learn about Building 28 at the haunted Jefferson Barracks. - See spirits of children floating on the lawn of the haunted Rock House. - And don't forget to peer back into the past to see the ghost-infested McDowell Medical College! A ghost-lovers paradise, these and other tales will haunt you.

Chicago Crime Stories: Rich Gone Wrong
ISBN: 0764331140

Schiffer Pub Ltd. 2008

Discover the most notorious criminals and crimes in Chicago's history. Meet psychopath and criminal mastermind Silas Jayne, a stone-cold killer even the mob seemed to fear. Read about the "Trial of the Century," the case that made the names Leopold and Loeb famous, and legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow a household name. Explore the mind of the Tylenol Terrorist who paralyzed the country with fear. You've heard about Capone, Gacy, and Speck now learn about the rest of Chicago's worst.

Forgotten Tales of Illinois
ISBN: 1596297425

The History Press. 2009

Dig up the men who tried to dig up Lincoln. Mull over the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and the 1977 thunderbird infestation, from a safe distance. Watch in horror as one of the greatest maritime disasters in U.S. history occurs twenty feet from the banks of the Chicago River or follow the course of the blimp crash that convinced a downtown bank employee that it was raining hell. Try not to blink as towns washed away by floods and shrines covered over by condominiums are dragged back from the margins of history into the center of the page, where they belong. After all, reasons author Bryan Alaspa, if the pope was eager to stop by the House of Crosses during his visit to Chicago, surely it is worth a look. Just beware: a quick glance into this book and you might not look up until you've read the whole gripping and grin-inspiring collection.

Chicago Disasters
ISBN: 076433395X

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.. 2010

Whether the disasters came from the earth itself, from fire, air, or water, Chicago has paid its dues in blood, sweat, and tears. You will be amazed at the courage, senselessness, shock, and horror of Chicago's disasters.

Silas Jayne: Chicago's Suburban Gangster
ISBN: 1596299681

The History Press. 2010

His name might not have the same notoriety that belonged to Al Capone or John Wayne Gacy, but Silas Jayne's life carved a similarly brutal arc through the Windy City's history. Even the mob was reluctant to compete with a man who burned his own horses alive for insurance money and ordered the assassination of his own brother in the same unhesitating fashion that he reportedly axed a flock of geese when he was six. Protected by bribery and intimidation, Jayne preyed on the innocence of the girls who took riding lessons in his stables and remained perversely untouched in the background of infamous Chicago crimes like the Schuessler-Peterson murders and the disappearance of candy heiress Helen Brach.



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