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General Information

Name:  Pearl Kastran Ahnen  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Ahnen was born in Illinois and went to school in Michigan where she remained.

Biographical and Professional Information

Pearl Kastran Ahnen was a newspaper journalist and editor before she became a full time writer.

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Titles At Your Library

Legends and Legacies: Memories
ISBN: 0964993007

Legna Press. 1995

More than a history of a single group of immigrants it's a study of the complex ethnic underpinnings that make America strong. The author has done a great service not only to the Greek Families of Ann Arbor Michigan, but has mad a significant contribution to the great immigrant literature of the US.

Daughter of Immigrants 
ISBN: 1592868320

PublishAmerica. 2003

It’s 1921 and ten-year-old Tula Palestes, daughter of Greek immigrants, lives in the slum area of Chicago and dreams of becoming a teacher. Her father dies suddenly and Tula is thrust into marriage to an older man when she is fourteen years old. Her mission is to save the family. Her dream? Lost forever? Tula’s godfather, Ondoni, who rises in the ranks of Chicago’s crime circle to a position of authority, encourages Tula to strive for her goal—to teach. But Ondoni is the family outcast, and Tula’s mother forbids her to associate with him. Trapped between her family’s needs and the shadow of Ondoni’s sordid life, Tula learns an astonishing number of truths about little Greek girls who are forced to grow up too soon, marry, and bear children. Daughter of Immigrants is about a young Greek girl’s conscience, and how it cuts through and reveals the naked truths.

Revealed by Fire: A True Story of a Soldier Told in His Letters at a Time Unparalleled in American History-- The Korean War 1950-1953
ISBN: 0615135196

Legna Press. 2007

349 priceless, historical letters of the Korean War written by an ordinary soldier, Corporal Bill Ahnen, and published for the first time. Bill's letters show honesty, humor, compassion and reveal the heart of a very lonely, homesick young man.



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