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General Information

Name:  Paul Dale Anderson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1944 in Rockford, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Anderson was born and raised Rockford, Illinois. He graduated from East Rockford High School in 1962, attended the University of Illinois, Rockford College, Loyola University of Chicago (BA 1975) and Northern Illinois University (MS Ed 2003).

Biographical and Professional Information

Paul Dale Anderson has written fiction and non-fiction. He is an active member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and Horror Writers Association. He taught creative writing for Writers Digest School (both Novel and Short Story) and for the University of Illinois at Chicago.Two of Anderson's published novels, ''Claw Hammer'' and ''Daddy's Home'' sold well, and several of his anthologized short stories have reappeared from major publishers. One of his short stories was adapted to a graphic novel format was recently rereleased. He has written four books that are available in ebook format only - ''PickAxe,'' ''Icepick,'' ''Sledge Hammer'' and ''The Devil Made Me Do It Again and Again.''Anderson is also a Board Certified Member and Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists. He was trained in hypnotism at Hypnosis Wellness and Training Center in Janesville, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. He has two hypnosis CDs - ''Ideal Weight Hypnosis'' and ''Smoke Free Forever''.

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Titles At Your Library

The devil made me do it: Twenty contemporary tales of subtle horror

Miskatonic University Press Publication of the Strange Co. 1985

small press short horror story collection, saddle stapled

Clawhammer (Claw Hammer)
ISBN: 1558172815

Pinnacle. 1989

A police officer and a young doctor join forces with an adult child abuse victim, in an attempt to stop a dangerous psychopath

Daddy's Home
ISBN: 1558174125

Pinnacle. 1990

Little Danny begins to suspect that Michael, his mother's new boyfriend, is the same man who has been leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women around Danny's neighborhood

ISBN: 069229399X

Eldritch Press. 2014

Chaos ensues when terrorists take out the Worldwide electrical and communications grids. Two wounded warriors, two Buddhist monks, two AWOL Army Warrant Officers, an electrical engineer, and an FBI agent face annihilation from overwhelming odds and supernatural forces. In a valiant attempt to save themselves and the world, they must face their deepest fears. Has God turned his face from humanity in their gravest hour or chosen a side?

Darkness (Winds)
ISBN: 0937491144

BookBaby. 2015

An evil entity has hidden the sun, and the world becomes a dark and dreadful place. Biegolmai Davvii, a Saami shaman and one of the eight Guardians of the Four Winds, sends the Lone Ranger, a former US Army Ranger, and Jon Fish, a Marine Drill Instructor, to Machu Picchu to find the evil sorcerer who sacrifices women to acquire the power to control the sun. Jon is the reincarnation of the bodhisattva Akashagarbha, and he has the power to cross time and space. The Ranger is the reincarnation of the bodhisattva Vajrapani and he has the power to control winds and rain, thunder and lightning. But as long as an evil entity controls the vortex at the peak of Machu Picchu, neither man may access their bodhisattva powers and they must climb the mountain as mortals. After a fight with Elman's minions, they are able to halt the sacrifices, but they are unable to capture Yam Elman, the twin brother of Guardian Hadad Elman. Elman escapes and attempts to take control of one of the other vortexes of power. Elman thrives on chaos, and the darkness that encompasses the world sends people into panic. Weird religions spring up overnight, among them Elman's Ministry of Light which promises eternal life and eternal light in return for blind obedience and personal sacrifice. Jon, the Ranger, and two other Guardians―Bryn Helgasdottir, a Valkyrie, and Kisikil Lalake, a wood nymph―attack Elman's church headquarters north of St. Louis at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Elman double-whammies Jon, Bryn, and the Ranger with Vril magic. Kisi turns Vril magic against Elman and frees her companions, but the Ranger hits his head against a tree and loses all memory of Vajrapani. In order to heal the Ranger, restore his memory, and reunite him with Vajrapani, Biegolmai sends the Ranger, Kisi, Bryn, and Kiyari―the reincarnation of an Incan moon priestess who is also the reincarnation of Persephone and Inanna―into the underworlds on a healing journey. Yam Elman has also gone into the underworlds to recruit demons to help him take over the world. In order to find Elman, force him to return the sun and keep him from ascending the world tree with a demon army, the Ranger and his companions must search through all nine underworlds and return their spirits to their mortal bodies within twelve days or remain trapped in the underworlds forever. Guided through the underworlds by Hecate, they encounter demons, serpents, Queen Ereshkegal, King Aidoneus Haides, Snow Queen Hel, and demon Udug Hul. Each of the four companions faces his or her own personal demons in the underworlds. They emerge from the underworlds with greater knowledge and they manage to recover the silver mask of the Moon Goddess, but Elman escapes them.

Light (Winds) (Volume 4)
ISBN: 0937491152

2AM Publications. 2015

Bill Ramsey feels no different than before. He can see and hear and smell, but he can’t feel anything and he can’t move a muscle. Ramsey was sent on a secret mission to infiltrate a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, but he realizes he was killed before he completed his mission. There were signs, of course, that he was dead, but Bill didn’t want to acknowledge any of them. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel not as something friendly but as something fearful. He avoids going into the light each time he sees it, and he does see it again and again beckoning to him but he refuses to go anywhere near it until he completes his mission. Yet there is nowhere else he can go. He can only float a few feet in any direction from the place where he died. Ramsey needs to find a way to get a message to INSCOM, the Intelligence and Security Command headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Terrorists plan to assassinate all of the world’s leaders, and Ramsey has no way to stop it from happening. When the spirit of Bodhisattva Vajrapani confirms Ramsey is dead and urges Ramsey to go into the light, Ramsey begs the former Army Ranger to help him complete his mission here on earth. Vajrapani teaches Ramsey how to transfer his consciousness into another body so Ramsey can deliver his message. Ramsey is able to enter the body of Randy Edwards because Edwards’ spirit left the body vulnerable to possession during the ecstasy of orgasm. Both minds and spirits now co-inhabit the same body. Ramsey-Edwards convinces Debra Johnson, an Army Intelligence Analyst at INSCOM, that the threat is real. When Deb is assassinated on the steps of the U. S. Capitol, all hell breaks loose. Can reincarnated wounded warriors stop an evil entity from controlling the world or will evil reign supreme?

Winds: A Novel (Volume 2)
ISBN: 0937491160

2AM Publications. 2015

There are eight Guardians of the Watchtowers of the Winds, four males and four females, who balance the flow of energy between worlds and keep the universe in balance. Ellen Groves was one of those eight Guardians, and with Ellen gone the universe is now badly out of balance. Each of the Watchtowers, vortexes of energy that control ley lines flowing from sacred sites around the world, are being attacked by someone who understands the principles of alchemy and magic and seeks ultimate power. The sacred circle in the center of the old-growth forest on Ellen’s property is the only vortex with enough power left to balance polarity, but to restore that balance at least two male and two female Guardians must allow their spirits to fuse inside the sacred circle. Sheila Ryan awakens from a coma to discover she remembers past lives. Sheila and Tom Groves, Ellen’s son, have been inextricably linked together through time and now they must rekindle their passion and recall a love that transcends time and space if they hope to save the universe from an ancient evil who has never known the meaning of love.

Spilled Milk: A Novel
ISBN: 0937491179

Two AM Publications. 2015

Yesterday Twin Rivers was the safest of all Chicago suburbs. Today it is the most dangerous. Four years ago Megan Williams was raped. Today she is a serial killer who castrates her victims before letting them bleed out. Police haven’t found the four men who raped and mutilated Megan’s body with hunting knives, and they aren’t even looking anymore. There are too many other rapes and murders to investigate. Only Megan’s sister, Susan, and 70-year-old investigative reporter Rodney Engleworth appear concerned the rapists are still raping and killing. When Rod falls victim to Megan, Gazette publisher Tim Goodman joins forces with Detective Sergeant Joel Giffords and police public information officer Elsie Dorr to track down Megan and the rapists before Susan falls victim to the rapists and Megan can kill again.



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